Uranus & Eris are traveling around together, making revolutionary behavior almost imperative. Things must change. The questions is, will it be backwards or forwards. Uranus just loves a revolution, change, new ideas, inventiveness, and anything unique. Eris on the other hand, is the Goddess of War IF she fights, for she will only fight for justice. She wants JUSTICE to prevail with change. She will fight to the death to make it so, so she is empowering WOMEN to stand up for themselves and demand that the world be a fair place for all. She is also awakening the Feminine in men who have the courage to listen, and let their inner feminine emerge and step into the world. So she will assist the changes, but only if they are Fair & Just changes, or there will be hell to pay.

Positive Versus Negative Change

The people who want to change things to a backward direction will take one step forward and two steps back because of Eris, and those fighting for a better future will find that they can make a difference if they just hang together because she has their back. These two planets are being urged by Jupiter to go bigger and bolder, so Jupiter, who is usually the fun guy, is a bad influence here by egging them to go too far. And finally they are all in stress aspect to Pluto the ruler of Power and the Underworld. He is holding fast to the status quo, but he is weakening because while he protects power, once he knows that power is corrupt he will become the phoenix and rise from the ashes of the old to make way for the new.

March 4 – Venus Goes Retrograde

On March 4th Venus, still in Aries, turns retrograde. Retrograde times are for the past, not the future. Old flames might show up; old issues with current flames might rise up and need to be resolved; old patterns in your love life will be confronted, etc. This can also involve friendships, and career associates as well. Things will be revisited, and hopefully problems will be solved once and for all. But because Venus is in Aries, she’s not well tempered so bite your tongue and speak softly and articulately. Maybe one of your lessons is to cool your opinions or approaches to people and bring those interactions into harmony. Letting go of behaviors that don’t work for you are more easily let go of during this retrograde. Open your heart to fear and say hello. Fear really is your friend on many occasions, just learn to work with it better and not run from it. There are many lesson here. It’s time to face ourselves, own ourselves and love ourselves.

March 17 – Uranus/Eris Conjuct = CHANGE

Uranus has been pushing for change for several years now and their battle will come to a close in 2020, but on March 17th, St. Pat’s Day, Uranus and Eris are in an exact conjunction – like two magnets drawn together forming a strong, strong emphasis on change. And if all that wasn’t enough, Mars, our energy and fire and zest for life, has joined Eris and Uranus and is raring to go, while Jupiter urges reckless Mars, Eris’s brother by the way, to go even further. So expect March 12-17th to be especially stressful for everyone in the world. There will be a feeling of great frustration, which could result in something extreme done in a fit of haste, and not well planned at all. The worst kind of surprises.

Reveal Your True Being

But these extremes are also a good thing. We are being urged to be spontaneous, more fun and child-like and more original. Who is the real you? Are you unique or are you “behaving” the way society or your friends or family say you should. It’s time to locate that inner Rebel and showcase the real, inner you. Dye your hair purple! Skip along the street even if you’re 50. Giggle a lot. Turn the music up and annoy your neighbors with your happy outbreaks. If you’re a person who lives in jeans, buy a dress or suit and become someone else for a few hours. If you are always well coiffed, wear some ratty old jeans and if people frown at you, just laugh at them. The lesson is this…. We have got to stop being like everyone else. We have to find our unique personality, goals and ideas, and LIVE THEM! Robots and go-alongers harm the world. March to your drum. We have to shake up ourselves along with the world. We have to shed what is not working and find new ways to live, to be to enjoy life. Get out of your ruts. Make some noise. Scare yourself happy!

Engage In The New – Experiment!

The whole idea is to experiment. Look within, without, around. Find your place, your truth. and then MERGE it with your current self. You are not deleting who you are, you are ENHANCING who you are. You are becoming more. More complex, more unique, more real, while being stable within yourself. I cannot emphasize enough how much inner work we need to do this year. Change is everywhere. Adapt, don’t drown. And for heavens sake don’t dig in and refuse to change, or you’ll have the hardest time of anyone because Uranus, Eris, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars are forcing this on you. Embrace it and have some fun, instead of looking at all this change as a bad thing. Everything is being reborn, you and me too. And this is serious too. It’s about your life purpose, what you are going to contribute to the world, and letting go of Karma so you can stop dragging the baggage around into your next life. It’s about freedom from the past, to make way for the new you.

Happy Journey Everyone. I’ll be back mid-month to talk about THANKFULNESS and what a major role it plays in our happiness and spiritual connection.

About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at TheAstroHealer.com.

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