SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER 2016We’re in full blown Sagittarius time now… looking at the big picture with Higher Mind; viewing the world as a whole, not its parts, and seeing the diversity as an amazing expression of creativity by our Maker ( I once said “give a chicken to peoples around the world and they will each come back with a dish unlike the others, showing us how we all use the same things, but express them in different ways”.)

Jupiter The Planet Of BIG Love & Giving

The world is full of wonders and Sagittarius wants to explore them all with an open mind, and because of Jupiter, its ruler, a big abundant heart befitting this planet who also rules over Justice and Our Highest Spiritual selves. Jupiter is about BIG and loves to expand all it touches in a happy, glorious way where possible. When Jupiter squares or opposes powerful planets, there may be “too much” of a good thing, or even bad things getting worse. But for the month of December, lets look at the upside of Sagittarius and Jupiter, along with the holiday season, as a time of coming closer to others, giving, sharing and enjoying the people in our lives.

What December Is All About

CELEBRATE DECEMBER 2016 ASTROLOGYHolidays can be fraught with racing around and stress – the right meal, the right present, the perfect card, etc. Don’t forget anyone. Don’t spend too much, don’t spend too little; or no money to spend and stress around that too. This is not what the Holy time of year is supposed to represent. It’s the time to remember our spiritual connection with the Universe, regardless of your religion. It’s a time for love, the Universal kind – for sharing; for telling people how much they mean to us; for showing kindness and to remember we are spiritual creatures first, human bodies second. it is a time to thank our Creator for our very lives, and for the blessings we have, regardless of our problems. There is always something to be thankful for.

Take time now to share your life with friends and family. Enjoy the holiday season like never before. Send hand written notes to people you love and tell them how much they mean to you and how they impact your life. Say please and thank you to people in service, like retail stores and restaurants, to honor the God within and let them know their efforts are appreciated. Smile at people on the street and say hello in passing. We must build relationships with our global family members and create a society that acknowledges one another. This is the core of true spirituality – opening your heart to love. Stay at home New Years Eve and share friends and family there. Call people you can’t be near and tell them how important they even though you don’t see them often enough. Spread the love and your heart chakra will open and bring tears of love and joy to your eyes. Give thanks all through this period and make it a part of your everyday life…thanks for the parking space in a busy area; thanks for the perfect gift I found for someone; thanks for my job and coworkers who are my day family and also important; send blessings to enemies and try to mend bridges over fights that are unimportant in the scheme of things. Love is the answer and there is no better time than Sagittarius energy than to do this.

Mars Trine Jupiter = Energy + Abundance

December is pretty darn good astrologically speaking. Mars (energy) is trine to Jupiter(abundance), giving us the energy to complete tasks and accomplish goals. Mars is Sextile Saturn (the material world) enabling us to make great strides with focus and a plan and the energy to make it happen. Venus is Parallel the Sun, making us sociable and makes for good gatherings. Venus moves into Aquarius on the 7th which makes lovers of friends, or opens you up to the idea that true love must include real friendship to last. The Sun is sextile Jupiter, giving us optimism and luck at the same time. Sun is conjunct transiting Saturn on the 10th, bringing up serious relationship issues which, if met head on in an adult and serious fashion, can break down barriers to happiness, depending on the house it transits in your chart. There can be real achievement through hard work now.

December 12 – Sun Trine Uranus = Excitement + Creativity

The Sun is trine to Uranus on the 12th, bringing excitement about new ideas and creativity. On the 15th wish upon a star while Venus is inconjunct Neptune. December 14th is a Full Moon in Gemini, which helps to make more logical and less emotional decisions about matters. Then the 17 is another great day to make friends, or cement friendships.

December 19 – Mercury Retrograde Begins

On the 19th Mercury goes retrograde so expect 3 weeks of your brain not functioning at top speed. Give it a break where possible. This is truly vacation time for your mind, which happens 3 times a year. Expect travel issues, lost mail, old friends popping back into your life, things previously lost will be found; errors made come up for correction, etc.

December 21 to January 1 – Love + Strengthened Friendships

DECEMBER ASTROLOGYThe 21st is great for love and strengthened friendships. From the 21st through Jan 1 there is a hiccup in energy, where stressful forces are at work and can cause extreme chaos. Don’t live in fear about it. Focus on the love and we can overcome and even mitigate a bad event. The 24th Saturn trines Uranus making it possible to transform brilliant ideas into reality. Great connections can be made too.

Christmas Day – Extra Special Joy & Blessings!

On Christmas day Venus trines Jupiter and sextiles Uranus and Saturn from 8AM – 3PM. It is so powerful, these contacts between Venus and the other planets. This Christmas day can be very extra special, so take advantage of all the love in the air. Friendships, family and love relationships are all blessed in such a beautiful way. Don’t blow it all around 4:30 with paranoid thinking about suspecting so much good energy!! Don’t worry, be happy!

December 26 – Expect the Unexpected

On December 26th new energies take hold, Jupiter opposing Uranus, an expansion of Uranian energy, which is unpredictable and can go to extremes. This is the beginning of a long term aspect of the unexpected in big ways, for good or bad.

On December 29th, Uranus turns direct. Planets in retrograde are in a state of finishing up loose ends, so Uranus is done looking over its shoulder for missed “to do’s” and is now headed forward into the new year ready to shake things up, things that haven’t been shake up yet. So expect more revolutionary ideas coming out daily.

Focus On Love & Bonding

So as you can see most of December is truly about love, family and friendships. Focus on love and bonding. Fill your heart with love and the gift of sharing with others. Have a great Holiday and make many beautiful memories. Learn to open your heart and live in love as a habit. It will make your life so meaningful and joyful.

Many, many Blessings. See you in the new year.

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Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at

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