june astrology forecast 2The Sum Up

June is going to be one very interesting month, with Sun/Moon/Mercury in Gemini; another full Blue Moon in Sagittarius (happened in May too); a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine. Like a Gemini, the ruling sign of this month, it won’t be boring! It’s time to learn a LOT. Inner work is key to success, and the Universe is begging you to become a better person than you are now, to step into the future that is on our doorstep, and be a role model to others of how to live life to the fullest, and to find fulfillment and purpose within yourself. These times we are living in are nothing short of miraculous. Dive into the energy the stars are bringing to us and make a big change in yourself and subsequently our world, which is also evolving. There is magic in the air…..are you brave enough to breath it in?

Mind Over Matter

Gemini rules the mind, Mercury’s home, so progress this month comes from learning and thinking and dreaming of what can be, what could be, what should be. So take your brain out and shake the dust off, and explore through thinking things through. The Twins, as Gemini is called, is the first sign to be ruled by people vs. animals. Gemini represents duality, the dark and the light inside one, teaching us that we must balance the two sides of ourselves and find harmony with both natures. Nirvana is nothing more than perfect balance within.

Some say Gemini’s have split personalities or are just flakey, but really they are so keen on absorbing everything under the Sun that they flitter from one thing to another like a butterfly (or bee) learning with each new experience. There is not enough time to learn it all, but Gemini tries and can teach you about the importance of TIME. We have a short supply and every minute counts. How can you absorb some of the infinite knowledge of the Universe if you are sitting around watching TV, though a Gemini might be reading a book, listening to TV and while thinking about what’s for dinner, and how many to do’s they got done today, and what’s on for tomorrow — all in the same moment. This is their normal.

Time To Adapt

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are all Mutable signs….they adapt better than any other signs and like Gemini, Virgo ends summer and brings in the fall; Sag ends the fall and brings in the winter and Pisces ends the Winter and brings in the Spring, or in astrology, the New Year (this also applies if your rising sign is one of these). Some famous Gemini’s are Harriet Beacher Stowe, Dashiell Hammett, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Bob Hope, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Prince, Artie Shaw, Marilyn Monroe, Pancho Villa, Djokovic/Nadal/Graf/Williams, Hedda Hopper, Peter Dinklage, Kissinger, Che Guevera, JFK and Paul McCartney.

The Grand Cross – Change & Upheaval

June 4th was the New Moon in Gemini, joining the Sun and Mercury – and opposing Saturn now in Sag; Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune is in Pisces. These four planets create what is know as a Grand Cross, creating a big + in a chart, signifying all these planets are squaring or opposing each other, creating a lot of stress, emotional upheaval, anxiety and general unrest. It’s a tough aspect, and it’s affecting EVERYONE but these four signs especially. If your Moon or Venus is in one of these signs, you can expect heavy moods and gloominess.

astrology planets neptuneWhen the planets align this way, the Universe is forcing us to look. We never learn from the fun stuff, only the pain. It’s time to grow, or outgrow, dated habits and patterns that no longer serve you, or the world that is about to be sprung upon us. Do you sabotage yourself? Why? Who criticized you and shaped these behaviors? How do you stop this once and for all? Then do it.

Remember the Gemini lesson about using time well. How much procrastination can you put into your life before you change? Time to take up therapy, self help books, meditation for sure and find your path to wholeness. The time is now and you have no more excuses. Find your greatness and be a role model for others. But remember balance, so your ego doesn’t take you to a selfish extreme. Keep up your sense of humor and it won’t seem so daunting.

Neptune Goes Retrograde – Time To Work On Intuition

Neptune, a part of the Grand Cross, and ruler of all things spiritual (or deceitful in its dark side), goes retrograde June 13th until November. It’s the time to work on your intuition and spiritual connections – and enhance those gifts by building a bond with your Higher Self/Guides/Angels who will build a spiritual bridge between you. Give thanks for all you have. Give thanks when something good is given to you, even something as little as a parking space on a busy street. Talk to your guides in your mind and create a friendship between you and them. Then your intuition, hunches, gut instincts will grow stronger and you will “know” things before they happen and be prepared, and guided or reassured when you are afraid. They need PERMISSION to work with you. You must make the first move so they can help you. Free will is always yours and they cannot help if you don’t ask. But once you ask, you are no longer alone and have a support system.

Mars Retrograde – Busy, Busy Bee

Our friend Mars, our energy, has been retrograde for a while now. First in Sag conjuncting Saturn and being really upset about it (Saturn restricts so Mars feels like he’s in a cage and can’t get free). He is now backed into Scorpio and goes direct on June 29th. July and August will be very, very, very busy as Mars is set free and all the things you’ve been trying to get done get done, finally. And then you’ll be lamenting how exhausted you are from all that doing, so enjoy this time of respite and recharge for the coming activity.

Grand Trine On June 20th – Something Great Is Coming!

astrology planets horoscopesOn June 20th there is a Grand Trine, when planets form a triangle between them and bring harmony to one another. Uranus (22nd), Venus (29th), and Moon in Sag too trining Saturn in Sagittarius, a Grand Fire Trine. This is a very favorable time. Expect something great to happen in the world for just a few days from the end of June to early July. Aim big and you may well succeed.

Someone else is a part of this Trine, Eris, the Warrior Goddess, sister of Mars, who has only recently been discovered. She is a warrior who fights for Justice. She is fierce and determined and heralds a new era of Fairness and Justice. She adds this element to this Grand Trine with a great fierceness, sickened by the injustice in our world and determined to set it right. We are living in exciting times now, and with Eris and her mission for Justice and Uranus with his brilliant ideas and ever changing modes, we can expect one heck of a ride as these two ride together through the whole year, even after the Trine ends. All I can say is, expect the unexpected, because it’s coming!

PS: The weekend of June 11/12 has great potential for FUN. Staying at home alone is not allowed, so get out there!

And send me comments on how you are changing your life/patterns. We’re in this together.

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