lunar eclipseAugust 18 – Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Aug 18 is a full moon (big emotions) AND a Lunar eclipse in Aquarius. Eclipses are always unpredictable. Eclipses are trigger times. Nothing much may happen the day of the event, but for months the energy disperses and we ultimately make changes. Eclipses bring change. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, an air sign, so the moon here is cooler than some places, but emotionally you can tap into the bigger picture and see where Uranus is taking us. Aquarius is the sign that stands on the mountain and sees the lay of the land. From here you see where things are going, how they are interconnected, and how to maneuver the terrain and make positive changes. This aspect is also connecting to Jupiter, creating a Yod or Y pattern of connection. This Yod is considered the Finger of God. You should take time to figure out where you belong, your beliefs and if they are yours or taken from others. If the latter, learn to live more authentically, be who you are. It is time to improve yourself. Find your flaws and remake them to something good.

Change is everywhere now.

The world is shifting, and we must shift as well. Let your intuition flourish, listen to your dreams, day dream and fantasize what a happy life looks like for you and how you can make changes to get there. Get off the treadmill and make your own destiny. Break routines and habit to take you into a new direction. Build your self confidence, establish strong relationships…or new ones. Old relationships undergo a renewal if the effort is made, or new people pop into your life and you feel like you’ve known them forever.

August 21 – Mercury + Jupiter = CREATION

On August 21 Mercury and Jupiter are together. Its a great time to study, to create something big yet practical, and to mentally travel to bigger ideas. It’s a wonderful aspect, so enjoy your mental activities to the fullest today. It’s also a time for good news, so answer the phone, email, etc and be ready for it.

August 22 – Sun Into Virgo: Get Planning

virgo astrology augustAugust 22 the Sun moves into detail oriented Virgo. Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac. The 6th house rules duty and responsibility. Virgo’s are awesome caregivers, planners, organizers, and the ones best to handle the details. Conversely, if there are too many Virgo planets in a person’s chart, they can get overwhelmed by details and become very disorganized and scattered. Virgo’s, like Gemini, are ruled by Mercury so their minds are quick and they are usually quite articulate. Virgo’s are dependable, because they understand commitment and duty, and when they give their word, you can count it, barring some poor aspects to other planets in their chart. Virgo is an earth sign, adding to the reliable “down to earth” qualities. Some famous Virgo’s are Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Twiggy, Adam Sandler, Kobe Bryant, Pink, Bernie Sanders, Jimmy Fallon, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Pine, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Bancroft, Ingrid Bergman, Cameron Diaz, Mother Teresa, Colin Firth, Jack Black, Salma Hayek, Hugh Grant, Amy Poehler, Beyonce, Bill Murray plus Michael Jackson and Lance Armstrong. Their minds are always busy cataloging everything, evaluating and seeing how it works. A negative Virgo can be quite picky and overly critical, of themselves as well. We are moving from fun loving Leo to quiet, practical Virgo and our personal energy shifts to this along with it. Enjoy your fun time while it’s here in Leo, then get down to practical matters.

August 24 – Mars + Saturn = Possible Frustration

On August 24th Mars, moving through Sagittarius, bumps into Saturn, visiting there for another year or so. These two are oil and vinegar and the meeting isn’t pleasant. Mars is go, go, go….Saturn says slow down and Saturn has the final word, so Mars is upset. Movement slows, getting things done is a chore, but Mars is still fighting to move, so frustration levels are high. So this is a time to just pause and let this energy pass, because any energy you expend is just wasted energy. Look at what you’re about to do…there is probably an issue here you skipped and need to address before you move forward. Saturn is telling Mars to not rush forward, because something needs fixing. Figure out what that is and avoid a bigger issue later.

August 26 – Mars Square Neptune = Inner Exploration & Dreaming

August 26th Mars will square Neptune, the dreamy planet. We will just want to do nothing, have no energy or motivation. Things you need to do are hard to get done. If you can just put them aside for now, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches. Its time for inner exploration, examination – not moving forward. Maybe your plan isn’t right for you at all, and you could see abandoning it as a good thing, making room for something better. Let go and let the Universe guide you. Or maybe now you’ll figure out your happy life and take up the task of getting there when this passes.

August 30 – Mercury Goes Retrograde: Communication & Technology Conflicts

astrology augustOn August 30th the mind planet, Mercury, goes retrograde. More slow downs and blockages. Words fall out of your mouth and you can’t believe you said that, or the same from others to you. Mail is delayed, projects stall, thinking is foggy, and mistakes are easily made. Try NEVER to get surgery during a retrograde Mercury if you can (esp if it’s aspecting Mars), because the Doctor and Nurses are experiencing retrograde Mercury too and their thinking is somewhat flawed! When Mercury is retrograde in Gemini or Virgo, the effect is more intense because its their planet, so expect a really intense foggy period. The brain is asking for its rest, as it works 24/7 for you, and now it needs a little break, so don’t tax your brain anymore than you have to. Three times a year for approx. 3 weeks Mercury is retrograde, which is nothing more than your brain going on a tiny vacation. Honor that. Oh and don’t sign contracts either, things will ultimately change down the road and you may regret the commitment you made.

September – More Rethinking, Regrouping & Examination

Lots of changes are coming (and happening), be sure the ones you have in mind are the right ones. We’ll talk more about this next time, but ask yourself this. Am I happy? Is my heart light and free? Do I smile a lot? Do my friends support and love me (maybe you need new friends), do I support them (maybe you need to be a better friend?) If not, make the changes you need to make so your life is better. Money isn’t everything, quality of life is everything and the Universe is pushing us to value the quality of our life and fix it so we are happier. In this stressed out world, feeling good feels like a luxury, when in fact it should be how we are most often. Let’s get happier!!

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About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at

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