In the beginning of my YouTube career, I had a great desire to express my hatred for Virgo. Now, before you get all “This chick hates Virgo more than any other sign” on me, you must know that I don’t hate Virgo, I love Virgo. My best friend at that time was a Virgo, and before I met my Scorpio husband, the only men I loved, were of the Virgo variety—I blame my Virgo Venus, Mars and Descendant for this seemingly confusing phenomenon, in an otherwise normal life.

Virgo is the detail-oriented, perfectionist of my Pisces Ascendant dreams. I want what you have Virgo, and I want it bad. So, in true Virgo fashion, I didn’t stop at the Virgo video, I dedicated an entire series to nitpicking each sign’s lack of perfection. This “What I Hate About Your Sign” series lead to my new life path as an Astrologer. I know, it’s not the greatest thing to put on a resume—I hated on people in a mass YouTube troll, and now I get to do Astrology as a career—But it’s my life and I have to thank the Virgo’s for putting up with this video, and allowing me to carry on. Without you, I would still be waiting tables.

I should also thank you for never allowing me to have an ego about it. After this video went live back in 2012, my Virgo friend looked at me and said, “Alyssa, it was kind of funny. But you need to remake it. I made a list of things that you missed and some that you could definitely do better.”

Yes, thank you Virgo.