Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Phone lines are all tangled up, so expect a communication breakdown in all fronts. The cosmic chaos can cause you to have a misunderstanding with friends, colleagues, business partners and even the pizza delivery guy!

However, the phone line repairman may be coming to the rescue with Mercury and the Sun entering the tactful sign of Libra. Thus, if any feathers have been ruffled from the topsy turvy, democratic Libra can soon sort things out. It is a good time for negotiations, finding common ground, and patching things up.

If you are in a position where you feel you are not being heard, it is time for some self-analysis. Are you communicating clearly and properly? Are you truthful about your feelings?

This week might get you in a battle mode with the alignment of Mercury opposing Mars. You are not alone since everyone will be feeling the attack and defend vibrations. The trash you have carefully put away in the attic may be dug up, and hang-ups and trauma may have to be re-lived. Perhaps you need to give it one final look before finally bringing it to the landfill? As you rewind the past, take control of your words and be authentic and empowering with yourself and others. It will help if you stay on moral high ground. Don’t manipulate or be manipulated.

The Mercury-Saturn square may leave you with a dilemma. You might need to shut off the world, but you also want to reach out and connect intimately. Your mental health may take a nosedive which can teach you to be wiser with your thoughts and judgment. Give your mind an outlet to stay grounded and focused. Relax with music and do some journaling.

Before the week winds down expect one volcanic outburst with the Mercury and Mars opposition. The fireworks are bound to be epic! In true attack mode, verbal abuse may fly high, and tempers will be reaching peak Fahrenheits. Words are bullets that harm. The choice is yours—find your balance or get destructive! Mercury in Libra can give you the ability to tap into where everyone is coming from. But, don’t be a doormat in the end.

At the postbellum, we will be seeing the Sun taking up residence with Venus-ruled Libra, which will bring fresh and loving frequencies. This vibe is enhanced with Mercury sliding into Scorpio. Because of this, intimate conversations are bound to be transformative. The cosmic vibrations give relationships potential for a level up. Listen with consciousness and don’t go overboard. Your deep soul connection with your significant other hinges on the words you say.

The Mars retrograde has put up quite a show! It has taught us all to be warriors. Kind warriors, effective warriors. Take its lessons to heart and take down notes.

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