Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

Gear up because your power will be manifesting this week! The aspect of the Sun with the mighty Titans – powerful Pluto and expansive Jupiter – will be in opposition this week. People with strong cardinal signs in their chart will particularly feel the influences of these vibes! The stability and security signs Cancer and Capricorn are the major players here. With Sun in Cancer, there will be a strong need to nourish home fires, but Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn pull away towards the other direction, and there will be a marked ambition to slay it in one’s career.

Important figures may be prominent in your life, such as bosses, family, and lovers. Dealing with them may become a challenge because they will be pushing you up the wall, asking you to do things you don’t want. Tread carefully and wield the fine art of diplomacy so you can arrive at a good ending. Stick to the bright side of things and don’t allow feelings of low esteem or unworthiness get to you. This is especially important because Aries will be in Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron douses Aries’s fires, and there may be a tendency to be fearful of one’s actions and hold back on assertiveness for fear of reprisals.

It is also vital to give yourself love and care this week. This is your chance to harness your inner power to make powerful and compassionate choices, whether it will be in love, work, family, or friendships. Remember, no one can take away your awesomeness, so there is no need to be controlling of situations or people! Hone in on Cancer’s caring energy and balance it with Capricorn’s ambition and you’ve got yourself a pretty strong and lucky week!

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