As the challenges of the past few lunations are still somewhat fresh in our minds, a New Moon of epic proportions is set to rise, ushering in a period of practicality and grounded manifestation.

September 16th’s New Moon will rise in the dark sky in Virgo, reaching its pinnacle at the following times across the skies…

      • 03:00 in Los Angeles
      • 06:00 in New York City
      • 11:00 in London
      • 20:00 in Sydney

But this will be no ordinary lunation…


A Virgo New Moon urges you to look inwards, to focus on your health and physical body. When the moon rises in the dark sky in the most practical of signs, you’re called to pay attention to the niggles, aches and pains that you’ve probably been ignoring. During this time, your desire to reorganize your priorities in terms of looking after yourself are heightened. So take this opportunity and put yourself, and your health first.

So, it’s time to spring into action and stop the toxic behaviors that are holding you back from putting all your wildest dreams into grounded, practical manifestation.

Here are 5 ways this Virgo Moon will make you finally get your life together!

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1. Stop Stalling!

Act On The Change You Crave

Soil, earth, dirt, the seeds, and the plants are what this New Moon calls forth. The building blocks. This is the stuff we’re made of, where we come from and, believe it or not, it’s what will carry us into the future.

As the Zodiac’s sign of mutable earth, Virgo brings wisdom that’s grounded, embodied and action-oriented. This energy is about movement. It’s about muscle. It’s about taking practical steps toward change.

This Moon is calling you to stop just talking about those grand plans and those great ideas. The time has come to actually act on them.

There is huge potential under this sky, for us each to step up and BE the change. It’s a romantic notion but under the darkness of this Virgo New Moon, it means something. The opportunity is SO ripe to commit to that thing, that place, that person….

Nobody is going to do it for you.

Do you feel Virgo’s action-oriented vibes itching to move through you? Moons don’t come along often. So when they do (and especially when they fall in mutable signs) you need to grab onto their power with both hands!

Are you ready to ground your dreams into reality?

2. Stop Waiting For Your Destiny To Expire

Sow Your Seeds of Intention Down Deep

It’s not only the Sun and Moon transiting through Virgo. Pluto still dances in Capricorn, and Uranus is currently running his retrograde riot through Taurus. That makes a total of 4 powerful planets rooted in the real, tangible and grounded energies of Earth signs.

After the ideas, passion, and creative adventures of SO much fire energy in August, this new planetary arrangement begs for practical action.

3. Stop Wasting Time!

It’s YOUR Chance For A Re-Do!

Virgo is a do-er. It’s a sign motivated by practicality, progress, and motion. Like air sign Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the fast-moving planet of communication, which is also currently in Virgo.

This Virgo New Moon will make quick work of even your most profound manifestations. It’s time to make decisions quickly and decisively. Every desire you voice will become your reality quicker than you can imagine. The louder the better!

This isn’t so much a transit of instinct, but of strategy and planning. It’s time to take a look at the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ of all that effort you’re putting into your life…

And use every tool available to you to create your dream life. There is zero time to waste.

After a creative and self-expressive Leo Season, the 5 planets in Earth signs are urging you to knuckle down and get to work. If you notice yourself feeling a little restless and in need of long-term solutions to some of those nitty-gritty things that have been getting you down…

Virgo is your gal.

This super-practical, problem-solving sign delivers a potent opportunity to look at your spaces, your structures, and your surroundings. At your routines, your rhythms and the daily curve of your calendar. This is an ideal (and I mean IDEAL) time to review the basics…

      • Your diet.
      • Your exercise regime (or lack of).
      • Your work habits.
      • Your work environment.
      • Your home environment.
      • The environment?

Then ask yourself…

      • Where am I wasting energy?
      • Where am I not in alignment?
      • How do I want to improve this area of my life?

Sometimes it’s not actually a radical change that’s needed, but a simple intention, a small (but powerful) shift, or a re-alignment with what’s true…

And this New Moon will turn every single on of your intentions into manifested reality…


4. Stop Resisting Change!

Allow Magical Transformation Everyday

This Moon has the potential to be transformational. But not in a dramatic (ahem, Leo) life-shattering, paradigm-altering way. We’re talking a behind-the-scenes, but NO less powerful kind of transformation. Because Virgo deals with the realms of the everyday.

Virgo works its magic through the details.

Virgo works its magic through the domestic (yes, really!)

Virgo works its magic through clearing, purifying, and healing.

And because of her stripped-back, down-to-earth and seriously hard-working energy, it’s all too easy to overlook Virgo’s magic. That’s a big mistake. There’s something unique about how this sign bridges necessary change, with hands-on methods of actually acting on what needs to be done. And its THIS frequency that’s being amplified this week…

So welcome Virgo with open arms, and allow her subtle but profound shifts to ripple through your everyday life.

5. Stop The Negative Self-Talk

This Moon Will Strip Back Self-Doubt

As a New Moon, the new beginning offered by this magnificent lunation is BIG. Her pull on the tides will be huge. Her pull on your emotions will also likely be huge. And so will her pull on your intent. So set those intentions. Sow those seeds. Make a commitment.

Fresh starts don’t get much more cosmic clout than this one.

Use this Moon as a launchpad to find your meaning. To do your work. To be the change. The incredible manifestation power of this New Moon makes it one of the most magical of the year. Don’t let it slip from your grasp.


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