Ah, Venus… our Earth sister of love, prosperity, and the finer things in life. We love you even more this week than we normally do. And we normally love you… like a lot. So that’s really saying something. 

Humans have romanticized Venus for thousands of years. And for a good reason… her light shines the brightest of all the other planets in our sky. You can even see her magnificent glow with the naked eye, and there’s something so inherently magical and romantic about that.  

This week, Venus is throwing incredible trines to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn … which basically means that we’ll be living our best lives.

With Venus ruling over our love and harmony, and Jupiter watching over our bank accounts and investments… it’s going to be a really, really good week for love and money. And when you factor in Pluto’s love for transformation, your ability to turn things around in your love life AND your financial life will be supercharged!

But what about Saturn? His influence under Capricorn’s rule has seen him cause big problems this year. Well, fear not, with loving Venus softening his might, you’ll actually be able to use his disciplined vibes to make sensible choices, instead of running away with careless abandon (as Venus would sometimes love you to do!).

Before you read on, if you REALLY want to use Venus’ sweet loving vibes this week, it’s vital you understand who YOU are when it comes to love.  Click below to get your FREE Romantic Personality Reading.

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But for now, here are 5 ways our girl, Venus, has your back this week…  

Venus Wears Prada

Venus is a luxe fashion QUEEN. She adores fancy clothes, expensive gadgets, jewelry, spas, pampering, and a well-decorated home. And no, she doesn’t have the patience to explain your blatant ignorance of cultural appropriation to you…

Keep an eye on your favorite high-end apparel brands for big sales or promotions this week, Venus wants you looking good honey. So go ahead… and click “add to cart” one more time, we won’t tell. 

This is also a good week to be in the salon getting a makeover. Get your hair done, put fresh paint on your nails, have those eyebrows sculpted and groomed, and definitely get that facial done. 

Venus is literally blessing you with beauty this week. Your stylist can’t go wrong with Venus guiding their hands, you’ll be leaving the salon looking like a solid 12/10.  Heads will turn. 


And to Hell With the Price Tag… 

Venus is all about luxury, which under normal circumstances might prove to be a little… dangerous to your pocketbook. So thank goodness she’s teamed up with Jupiter this week. Jupiter will be keeping a protective eye on your wallet, investments, and overall wealth. 

And speaking of investments… this is a great week to make some! 

Take a look at your investments, make some moves or trades. This is a good time to leverage your holdings and increase your wealth. Thanks to Jupiter, you’ll have a good eye for value, and “smart investments” will stand out to you. 

And you know that Venus could never leave this whole investment thing boring… She’s going to show you the easy way to increase your wealth, without much effort at all. Thanks, girl.


The Party Doesn’t Start Until I Walk In

This trine brings lots of happiness, harmony, and of course, love into your life. This is what most people look forward to when Venus graces our skies. But we want you to think outside of the box with this one… 

Sure, this is a great time for dating and spicing up your marriage… but that’s not all Venus is good for. 

Socializing of all kinds is favored during this time… and you and I both know that you’re WAY overdue for a good time full of laughter and memory-making with your best pals. So ditch the dates and instead book some social parties on your calendar, people won’t be able to resist your sudden charismatic charm… 

Hell yeah, Venus is definitely the center of attention at any social event, but don’t get it confused… she’s no wildcat. She won’t be the girl taking shots and puking in the bathroom (no offense), she’s way too glamorous for that. Despite her buzzing social skills, Venus is still quite harmonious and refreshing to be around. That makes this week a great time to mend broken friendships or to reconnect with estranged family members as well. 

Venus is going to make sure that ALL of your relationships thrive this week. 


We Don’t Make Mistakes, We Just Have Happy Accidents

People often overlook the artistic and mystical side of Venus… But actually, Venus is strongly associated with creativity. And that makes this week a great time to express your artistic side. 

What brings true joy to your soul and makes your heart sing? 

Is it painting, singing, or building furniture with your hands? Perhaps your creative medium of choice is sculpting beautiful pottery or creating delicious recipes from scratch…

Whatever your creative outlet is… let it run wild. Harness the Venus energy this week and surround yourself with beautiful objects, beautiful sounds, and beautiful moments. 

Venus is inviting you to indulge yourself with the fine arts… so turn off that TV, put your phone on silent, and allow a different type of self-care to rejuvenate you from the inside out. 

Bob Ross would be proud. 


Extra Spice, Please

Yep, you know that we had to save the best for last… Things are about to get hot… and by “things”, we mean YOU. 

Our girl Venus was even named after the Roman fertility Goddess of love, beauty, and seduction… so I guess you could say that she kind of has a reputation. 

Now is the perfect time to intensify the passion in your relationships… buy that scandalous outfit, wear that bright red lipstick, bust out the saucy bedroom games, and turn down those bedsheets ???? 

And don’t worry about looking silly or acting like a fool… Venus has your back and isn’t about to let you look anything other than magnetically irresistible.

We’ll take extra spice, hold the bland. 


Venus LIVES for pleasure,  and hell no she’s not about to bust her butt to get what she wants… 

No, no, no. She sits back, sips her mojito, eats her Hors d’oeuvres, and waits while everything she wants is hand-delivered to her on a silver – no gold – platter. 

We’re living the good life this week, baby. So put on your designer sunglasses and enjoy all of the romance, beauty, and good fortune that life has to offer.  

You deserve it. 

If you REALLY want to use Venus’ sweet loving vibes this week, it’s vital you understand who YOU are when it comes to love.  Click below to get your FREE Romantic Personality Reading.

Get My Free Romantic Personality Reading →

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