When Venus trines Saturn, your relationships will be at the fore. Today spells very good news for your love life.

Venus trines Saturn transit

Relationships will greatly benefit from today’s Venus trines Saturn transit. Whether you are in love or trying to find it, today is a good day for committing to long-term relationships. Existing relationships will become stronger even if you have been having some issues recently. And new relationships will be formed.

With this lovely energy in the air, you may feel the urge to go shopping for things that make you feel beautiful. Luckily this is a great time for long-term investments too, as Venus rules finances as well as relationships. Simply put if you’re in the market for an engagement ring, today is the right day to buy it. Or if you’re looking for a family home or to invest in something else that will benefit you long-term, look into that today too.

Venus trines Saturn natal

If you have Venus trines Saturn in your natal chart, you value loyalty and commitment in your relationships. You are extremely traditional when it comes to love and you are somewhat conservative too.

Over the course of your life, you will have fewer lovers than most and flirting and one-night stands are definitely not your thing.

Although you love to socialize, you like to do it in smaller groups. One-on-one situations are better for you. It is these deeper friendships that will potentially lead to you finding your true love, as you value people’s minds and definitely want to be with somebody who is on the same page as you long-term.