The second Venus trine in a week on June 3rd, brings more beauty into your life. This time, Jupiter is the one coming together with love planet Venus making for an extremely feel-good day. When Venus trines Jupiter, there is a great deal of happiness, love and optimism in the air.

Venus Trine Jupiter Transit

This transit is perhaps the opposite Astro event to Mercury retrograde, in that it is probably the most looked-forward to transit. If you are single and looking for love, this transit will be particularly exciting because, not only does it make you seem more attractive, but it also allows you to connect with the affectionate and emotional side of yourself.

If you have any stress in your relationship, this is a good day for mending it and building bridges. Have some fun and get back to basics. In many relationships, you can forget how to be happy and fancy-free, and today will allow you to remember what it means to be happy in your relationship.

With Jupiter in the mix, you can be sure that your finances are in good shape. So why not have a shopping spree to bring in the more beautiful things into your world? After all, Venus rules beauty.

Venus Trine Jupiter Natal

If you have a Venus trine Jupiter natal in your natal chart, this is one of the best aspects in astrology that you can have. This aspect means that you will have a life of ease and your love life will likely be happy overall.

You can show love and affection easily, which helps you build happy and lasting relationships. But this is generally because you have the ability to love and respect yourself. You are attractive to be around. And not necessarily just to prospective partners. People are attracted and almost magnetized to your charisma.

Your exciting adventurous and creative personality makes you extremely interesting to others. You are dynamic and can work well with others if you see a common goal. You are not overpowering and you won’t just take over although you will contribute heavily and people will be supportive of your ideas on the way.

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