When love planet Venus squares the planet of shocks and surprises, Uranus… oh, boy, we hope you’re ready for some unexpected shocks and surprises, especially when it comes to love and money.

Will This Astrological Event Ruin Your Day?

This super unpredictable energy can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your attitude towards it. Your mantra for the day should be ‘expect the unexpected’ and you can live by it, you might actually enjoy today.

But, if you don’t roll with what the Universe is serving you, you may just crash and burn today. Unfortunately, if you’re a fixed sign, (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), you may find it difficult to go with the flow and let this Venus-Uranus Square run its cause.

No matter who you are, you may feel like the surprises this transit sends your way are rude shocks rather than pleasant revelations. But take a little time to come to terms with what is happening and then get on with your day. Something that may seem a little off-putting at first, may turn out to be something you come to embrace later.

Unfortunately, with matters of the heart involved, not everyone is going to have a happy ending to the day. Unexpected revelations may come to light in relationships which could be a catalyst for the end. But before you jump ship, ask yourself whether what has come to light could actually help you build a happier and healthier one instead.


Venus square Uranus Transit

When there is a Venus square Uranus transit there will be unforeseen events or feelings that may threaten the stability of love relationships. There is a heightened need for novelty and independence that may wear the patience of partners or lead to stray thoughts.

You may feel that you are experiencing a sense of lack of freedom as if you were a bird locked up in a cage. It can make you apathetic. You might be throwing tantrums here and there and getting a tad bit upset. You might feel depressed and swim in emotional waters just to make yourself feel better.

If you are feeling worried regarding your love relationships you can keep calm as long as your relationship is healthy. At least it should be healthy from your perspective.

If such is the case thinks may get a bit spicy then you would have expected especially in the bedroom which you will enjoy to a high degree. But if your partner is the type who is traditional you might be in for more than just a few arguments that might lead to a breakup or even worse cheating.

During this transit you will also find yourself to be a raging storm of creativity as well as self-expression. Although freedom is your ultimate goal you would rather be left confused by another desire which is the yearning for companionship.

What does Venus square Uranus in the natal mean?

People with a Venus square to Uranus alignment in their birth chart are granted a love life that is out of the ordinary. Since you are wildly independent you can be freed from the traditions of conventional romantic relationships but you will also be finding yourself affected by commitment issues.

People who have Venus to square Uranus in their natal chart are natural charmers as well as social butterflies.

You are driven by strong attractions and tying the knot suddenly then divorcing equally speedily may be common occurrences. The choice between personal freedom and stability in relationships usually has foregone and predictable consequences.

Satisfaction and being resistant to reason is a feature of fixed signs while in mutable signs one can simply be capricious.

Cardinal signs tend to bring about social overstimulation to the point at which one cannot know their feelings romantically. They tend to confuse Platonic relationships and romantic attractions. They will have changing emotions leading to frequent problems in relating to the opposite sex.

Ideally in a perfect world one would find a partner with matching needs to one’s own. However, partnerships for people with Venus square to Uranus in their birth chart are anything but ordinary. Connections with them are avant-garde and arranged to suit both the need of love and out of freedom.

The need to be free extends not only to the romantic life but to values and beliefs. Venus is the ruler of love, money and so forth. It needs a balancing and stimulating influence to give rise to a true sense of self-worth and self-love.

Although one’s initial instinct may be to conform be to the expectation of family or peers. However, such endeavors are a drain on one’s being and because of this, they will tend to lash out to resolve the conflict.

There tends to be a balancing act between a life of loneliness and one of frustration. It is critical to search for someone unorthodox, unconventional, as well as open-minded.

There is a desire to explore and push the rules of relationships and sexuality can provide long-term happiness and satisfaction. It is the needed excitement for long term stability.