When Venus Squares Mars, expect passion, love and romance. But sometimes, when such hot vibes are in the air, someone gets burned.

Venus Square Mars Transit

Whenever Venus rules the day, loving, romantic and floating vibes are usually on the cards. But when Mars gets in the mix, he can sometimes bring out the worst in the planets he’s playing with! And today is a perfect example.

While a Venus-Mars Square can bring a spicy mix of passion, sensuality and sexiness, it can also bring drama in your love life. If you want to stay in this alignment’s good graces, check your anger at the door.

Harsh words and sexually charged frustrations are this alignment’s superpower.

If you’re in a solid relationship, you might want to do the talking with your bodies instead of your words… if you know what we mean!

If you’re on shaky ground, you may want to open a dialog to explore where your built-up tensions are coming from.

If you’re still in the honeymoon period… your first fight might be just around the corner (sorry!)

Either way, good luck, starchild!

Your sex drive is definitely leveled up, but it may result in your relationship having problems if there is already some inner sexual or competitive pressure. But when it comes to healthy relationships where the couple has a significantly strong ego, this can bring a time of exhilarating sexual intensity.

In case you’re single, you will have an enhanced sexual charisma which is complemented by a more mesmerizing aura. However, if you are dating, you should be cautious never to lower your standards be in a risky situation because of your impatience. Affairs are likely but not likely to last.

In an ideal and perfect relationship, your love and affection are expressed via sex. But in a tumultuous relationship, it is likelier that your hatred will be expressed and build up into sexual frustrations. It is probably not an ideal time to rectify the inner causes of relationship pressures because the desire for satisfying sexual feelings is extremely primal that it overrides reason and everything else.


What is the meaning of Venus square Mars in the natal chart?

The Venus square Mars alignment in the birth charts produces love-hate feelings in relationships. It is especially the case when it comes to close relationships. Any irritation or feeling with loved ones can swiftly turn into anger and temper outbursts. However, this intense feeling subsides as speedily as it builds once the tensions are released.

Because of this, the supreme lesson when it comes to this alignment is to enforce more self-control over passions that are volatile. It is critical to work them out maturely, especially when these feelings blow over in your intimate relationships. An open and truthful sharing of deep emotions will help to mitigate the strong desires, which usually result in a relationship that is more stable and harmonious.

Any challenge when it comes to closing the gap between love and hatred would be made more severe if there were conflicts between authority figures such as parents when growing up. It is critical for these individuals to have a partner that is understanding who is neither weak nor submissive. It will help in mitigating any hostile or forceful tendencies. Instead, strong feelings turn into something sexually mesmerizing and intensely passionate. It is also possible to mitigate strong emotions by involving oneself in creative pursuits. Developing talents for physical activities such as sculpture or competitive sports will certainly help. Intensely physical activities, especially when encouraged early on, will help the individual with this alignment gain more self-esteem in social settings.