Venus Squares Jupiter tomorrow but you have some work to do today if you want to ensure you can use the feel-good energies coming your way. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground, keep a level-head and not get taken in when it comes to matters of love and money.

Venus Square Jupiter Transit

During the Venus square Jupiter transit, the energy of the planet of love and money combined with the energy of the planet of expansion will come to the fore.

This is a great time for socializing. So, get out there, make friends and have a good time. A Venus square usually always means that something in your love life will be highlighted too. But it is important that you don’t allow your newfound interest in making new connections cloud your judgment or lower your standards.

While this is not a day for action, it is a day for understanding. So, you should at least see the world (and your place in it) as it is and potentially make mental notes for how you’ll tackle these in the not too distant future. Pretending things aren’t happening won’t make them go away, so in the midst of this happy transit, you need to have these serious themes at the back of your mind.

Venus Square Jupiter Natal

If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you will likely be the most fun-loving person in your social group. You bring a happy, bubbly vibe and always seem quite optimistic.

That said, finding friends, staying disciplined and avoiding responsibilities are your downfalls.

This Venus aspect is general considered the most challenging though. That said, as ‘challenging transits’ go, this is the one you would really want! Natal Venus aspecting Jupiter in this way brings issues, but they’re easy to overcome.

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