When Chiron is involved in the planetary update of the day, it always spells trouble or pain. Known as the wounded healer, Chiron always gives some kind of lesson that is intended to help you out of pain. So when Chiron sextiles the planet of love, Venus, it is pretty clear that it’s your love life that will be on the line.

Venus sextiles Chiron

When Venus sextiles Chiron, your relationship,s and particularly the wounds and trauma surrounding relationships, will be at the forefront of your healing. With this transit, you must actively seek out the ways in which your relationship or live life needs to be healed.

It’s important not to just see this transit at face value though. If you’ve had an argument with your significant other recently, Chiron is not here to tell you how to solve it. Rather the wounded healer is calling on you to look for things deep in your relationship psyche that you can fix.

You may constantly get yourself into toxic relationships or you might have a fear of abandonment that keeps you from finding the right person. Whatever it is Chiron is asking you to look for the wound within and in doing so, he will help you heal on a deep level to allow you to find lasting love. This might be a painful thing to have to go through.

With Venus being the ruler of love, and love being something that can cause so much pain, this is perhaps one of the most intense transit you can go through but it is also the most beneficial if you put the work.

Venus Square Chiron natal

Those with Venus sextiles Chiron in their natal chart may have some wounds to carry in terms of their love life. It may be that in this life for the past life, they have been wounded or abandoned and this will show up through that love life and how they are treated by others.

While this is a very difficult aspect to have in the natal chart as it doesn’t spell good news for love, it can mean good opportunities if the person can overcome the issues of this transit. For example, if you can understand your wounds and recognize what they mean for you and your relationships this knowledge may lead you to have better relationships.