Love, pleasure, and attraction all fall within the starry realms of our closest neighboring planet: Venus. Often claimed as Earth’s “twin”, She spends around 30 days in a single sign and is never more than two zodiac signs away from the Sun.

As the only planetary Goddess in the solar system, Venus activates magnetism. Depending on where she sits in the sky, this planet affects how we all feel and act in our closest relationships, our methods of pleasure-seeking, our cravings for touch and sensation, and how we, in turn, are seduced by the world.

In simple terms, this all means that(in addition to your natal Venus sign) knowing which zodiac sign Venus is currently crossing in the sky can serve as a potent tool for creating beauty in the world, as well as finding love, and expressing it authentically to those who matter.


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Woman leading partner by the handPinVenus in Aries

This transit is upfront and direct – in matters of the heart, expect to tell it (and be told it) like it is. Along with water sign Scorpio, astrologers agree that here in Aries, Venus is in her “detriment”. This means that in relationships, her highest, most loving, harmonious and sensual qualities can struggle to be expressed here.

This astrology leaves little room for indecision or dilly-dalliers so if you’re in the dating game, anyone who leaves you hanging will be getting a firm no, and their number blacklisted! On the other hand, ruling planet Mars’ influence here means the romantic realms could start resembling a metaphorical battlefield…

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Young cute couple leaning in by hedgePinVenus in Taurus

Here, love slows down the pace. This astrological transit feels steady and dependable – in fact, too many unexpected twists and turns under the sign of the Bull can leave us feeling mighty unsettled in the world of romance.

If you’re out on the dating scene this month, you’ll be wanting to take it slow. So, at the first sign of fast-tracking towards church bells and white dresses, panic will likely set in and it’ll be sayonara. But that’s not to say commitment is out of the question under this sign – far from it. If you’ve been in the steady game of courtship for some time, then taking it to the next level this month could be perfect timing.

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PinVenus in Gemini

This astrological transit feels light and playful and according to astrologers, is one of the most flirtatious transits of them all! So expect to have your curiosity tickled and your head turned everywhere you go this month – interacting with other people via a little light-hearted banter will feel irresistible!

With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury taking the lead, love has become all about connection. But (much like fellow air sign Aquarius) it’s not sensuality, the erotic or the especially demonstrative, embodied kind of hook-ups that happen under this astrology – here, the mind craves to be understood.

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Couple Embracing Closely in Sunset Field of yellow flowersPinVenus in Cancer

In Cancer the sign of the crab, we tend to gravitate towards all things cozy and secure – under this astrology, it really matters that your containers for love are feeling strong and safe. This means that doing the same old things with your love interest – whether it’s going out to a familiar restaurant, sitting at the same corner seat in the bar around the corner, or simply sharing your favorite take out in front of a romantic comedy you’ve already seen a dozen times – will feel like heaven. BUT.. don’t mistake this for inactivity. Like the other cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, and Capricorn) Cancer holds an initiating energy, which means that your love life needs to feel like it’s actually going somewhere. Progress, please!

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Happy, Laughing Couple wearing Leather JacketsPinVenus in Leo

This is where love takes center stage – literally. With Venus in the sign of the Lion, considerations of the heart only matter, hell, only exist when you express them. As the most warm-hearted of this signs, if you’re not gazing into the eyes of your mate, showering them with a hundred compliments a minute and telling them exactly how much you adore them, you may as well take a hike.

Under this astrology, we all want to feel loved … and have the evidence to prove it.

If you’re out on dates this month, make sure you bring a gift. Or two. And order the Champaign – nothing less will do.

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PinVenus in Virgo

This is where love becomes all about the details. Because with this Venus placement, the details matter above all else. Less important are the grand gestures and showy and romantic displays of affection when it comes to Virgo – what really turns you on this month will be more about what your partner has thoughtfully done for you to support and cherish you in your life together. And if you’re on the lookout for love, the same rings true – the tiny signals of genuine care and attentiveness that you get from a potential love match will be worth a thousand times more than something expensive but frivolous.

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PinVenus in Libra

Here in the heart of her ruling sign (shared with earth sign Taurus), Venus in Libra is all about relationships. Under this sky, you want them to work, I want them to work – everybody wants our relationships to turn out just peachy!

You’ll likely sense an increase in other people’s cooperation levels as we all get super-accommodating of each other’s wants and needs. Kindness, gentleness and all-around loveliness take over as we’re all avoiding drama at all costs. Under this the starry gaze of its own rulership, Libra needs harmonious more than ever!

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Young Intense CouplePinVenus in Scorpio

This astrological transit can be a tricky one to piece together – in astrology, Venus’ sign of rulership is Taurus which site right opposite Scorpio in the wheel fo the Zodiac. This puts it in its sign of “detriment”.

Here, the love focus becomes laser sharp, as matters of the heart gain an almost supernatural intensity. If you’re coupled up with a mate, don’t be surprised (or unnerved) if their devotion to you becomes a little scary. Demonstrative acts of affection (and possession) could look like them seeming to pop up wherever you look, plus multiple texting you all through the day to probe the innermost corners of your mind, asking about what you’re thinking, feeling, dreaming, and then some… it’s all in a day’s work! So don’t be scared off.

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Couple Running Free at a Festival - Sagittarius LovePinVenus in Sagittarius

This astrological transit puts the focus firmly on expansion, using love, romance, and partnership as our tools to get there. Whether you’re already coupled up or on the lookout for the man (or woman) of your dreams, Venus in Sag turns our relationships into portals for growth. This means that unless your love is challenging, exciting and takes the shape of an adventure or two (or three or four), you may as well go it alone. Sagittarius’ free-spirited traits, adventurous spirit, not to mention ruling planet Jupiter’s drive to spread, swell and spread out its wings all mean that Venus here needs to fly.

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Romantic Couple in Field at DuskPin

Venus in Capricorn

This transit creates a calm and collected attitude to love and beauty, which has the end game firmly in sight. Magnetic Venus in the sign of the sea goat will often make us see love through the lens of investment – just like any other partnership (especially in the worlds of business, finance, and commerce which Capricorn knows so well) this astrology want us to get strategic.

If cupid’s going to strike this month, someone with a plan is going to be waaay more appealing to than the gushing, loved-up bunny who simply adores you but not much else…

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Punk FriendsPinVenus in Aquarius

This transit creates an unconventional collective attitude to love and beauty, so expect to spend the next month gravitating towards the unique, eccentric, and idiosyncratic parts of life! Under this sky, the agent provocateurs will be turning you on far more readily than the clear-hearted folk declaring their love and affection like an open book!

Despite being symbolized by the Water-bearer, unlike the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) Venus in air sign Aquarius is unlikely to turn those empathy dials up when it comes to love and romance. In fact, your significant other could seem to be playing it mighty cool under the influence of Venus in Aquarius.

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Couple on Dramatic White Boat on Blue WaterPinVenus in Pisces

In astrology, this portion of the zodiac is where Venus is “exalted’ – it’s her most potent and perfectly expressed placement, so here, love reigns supreme!

Expect to feel unconditionally enamored by the people closest to you, as your affection is deep and unmoved by any other factors. That famous Piscean receptivity is at an all-time high (and if it’s not yet, prepare to practice a little art of seduction!) and you’re feeling the love flow! You could be dining at the most exclusive restaurant in town or sitting on the curb sharing a take-out… all that matters is being with your number one.

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