When Venus sits in the sky, lording her influence over the collective, we normally see a gentle, soft and utterly romantic vibe.


During a Venus Conjunct Pluto transit, manipulative and controlling behavior can rule the day, and when it comes to your love life, that’s not a good thing! This is a very passionate transit but it is also very possessive and potentially insecure. Feelings of betrayal or loss may cause you to act in a way that might actually push your sweetheart further away.

Your lack of control or ability to handle (or even understand) your feelings may throw you into a spin today. Water signs, in particular, may see their emotional side prevail more than usual.

It is very easy to project insecurities, self-doubts and feelings of inadequacy onto your partner during this time. But it’s through your relationship that your biggest personal revelations will be achieved. So, assessing how you act towards your partner today can reveal a lot about your subconscious mind. Think hard about that.

If you’re single your unfulfilled needs may become problematic but it can also be a problem if you are coupled in an otherwise romantic and healthy relationship. Because of Pluto, if it is mismanaged it can be a very fragile time. Whether of a purely social nature or a more intimate level, one can expect more powerful as well as intense interactions to take place.

It is critical never to avoid being too shallow since it can be can be intensely dissatisfying. This aversion comes so naturally that one may not be aware of it and the effect it has on other people. Some may be made uncomfortable by it but others will not mind and be thoroughly enchanted by one’s verve and charming allure.


Think before you speak – are you being unnecessarily controlling in your relationship? Are you trying to manipulate your other half? It may be subtle but it’s important to keep it in check. Instead, think about the real reasons you’re acting the way you are and get real with yourself. Then, talk to your partner about these feelings. Apologize for any unkind projections. Although today may reveal the ugly side of your relationship, it could potentially form the basis of fixing it too.

If you’re not the one revealing their not-so-nice side, don’t take your partner’s actions to heart. Instead, understand that there may be something deeper going on within their own mind and try to open a dialog to discuss it. Be warned though, not everyone will be open to this, especially today.

If you’re single, think about how you’re attracting love. Are you trying to create a relationship based on a manipulation or even a lie? Again, be real with yourself here. If you are forcing a relationship on this foundation, it’s not the right relationship for you.

What does Venus conjunct Pluto in the Natal chart mean?

Venus conjunct Pluto natives are naturally charming and full of love of life. They also have great acumen when handling wealth since they have financial wisdom.

When it comes to the opposite sex, Venus conjunct Pluto natives are very involved to love and romance and are disposed to to speedy infatuations. Infidelity may also be a crucial feature of their inner world.

With the Pluto influence, It is typical for these people to have their emotions or sexual drive to become repressed but it is likelier that their already intense feelings become amplified inevitably leading them to at least some form of disillusionment.

They are faithful in their relationships and may expect the same from their partner. They may become both grasping and sexually permissive.

The affectionate nature of people under this trine alignment enlightens much of their life beyond romance. They have an aversion for injustices and will fight it with their every breath.

Because of natal Pluto, Their loving nature influences their creativity as well with a certain predisposition towards acting and film. These are the more positive effects of Pluto.

Underneath their façade people with this natal Pluto feature in their birth chart tend to agonize due to the fluctuating nature of their loves. Because of the trine, They have fear of inadequacy and rejection or betrayal fuel their possessiveness as well as their emotional sensitivity. Impartiality or being distant is hard to come by in personal relationships.

These natal Pluto people are driven by instinct and are extremely charming as well. They feel guided by the very hand of fate into the arms of another and they are quick to having flights of fancy. The dynamics this kind of outlook raises may be too much burden for their partners at coupled with an extremely high expectation of fidelity and truthfulness.

According to the natal chart with Pluto, although it is natural to grow together as a couple and learn from each other great care must be taken so that one’s partner isn’t an ultimately unnecessary extension for self-development.

The desire to merge with another comes naturally to these conjunct people, because of the conjunct, just as one easily attracts partners because of the Pluto influence. It takes no time at all to form deep bonds with romantic partners.

However, if the birth chart owner with the conjunct is suffering low self-esteem and has some negative aspects in their chart then this alignment may result in destructive relationships.

Because of Pluto, so deep are their pain that one may be driven to several ways of self-harm including incidental behavioural ones ranging from being promiscuous or other risky behaviour to willful financial self-sabotage.

Additionally, with a good trine, they can ultimately rise above pain and create a better life by bearing the load of Pluto’s gifts.

According to Astrology, along with having the constructive facets of compassion and self-love come all the other blessings of this conjunction. It provides the native confidence as well as functional relationships. It comes as the end result of transformation aided by other aspects in the astrological chart.

When the native is able to weed out behaviours and associations that put in danger one’s development one will thus gravitate towards people of healthier outlooks. He or she must rise above the dark Pluto energy.

In the end, it only matters that others love as best as they can and that must satisfy.