Venus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

If you’ve been struggling hard to make things work in your personal or professional life, this transit is about to give you a break. With good vibes pertaining to money and love, this transit takes all the accumulated energy you’ve been pouring in and helps make light work of whatever it is you’re chasing.

Today, not only will you feel more confident that your dreams are within reach, you’ll be able to make positive steps towards them. And others will actively support you on your journey too. All too often, we hide our ideas for fear of ridicule. But not today. Today, shout your ideas from the rooftop and listen out for those glorious cheers of support.

Love is also a major aspect for this conjunction. You may notice more affection from your significant other or, if you’re single, a potential partner may just give you the nod that they’re interested. Here’s a hint: don’t be scared to reciprocate if that’s what you want. The Universe is placing offers in front of you she knows she can come through with.

Aside from love Venus conjunct Jupiter foreshadows good things in terms of money, and happiness. You can take it easy at this time. It is possible that you don’t have to struggle during this transit. It is an awesome time to relish the fruits of your labour. You will be attracting beautiful things in your life.

Keep in mind that it is your inner harmony as well as your friendliness that is so mesmerizing to other people. Ideally, this transit should be spent cooling off and socializing with other people in this way you will be able to expose yourself to an awesome number of opportunities that will help in your growth and development.

This conjunction focuses on all types of relationship. You have an increased appeal and inner beauty that makes you ultra-popular with people. In personal situations, you should notice people are interested in you. People find you hot such as those of the opposite sex or potential partners! It is one of the most awesome transits when it comes to love. It is highly likely that a new romance will turn out to be an awesome match. You might just be meeting the one!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day too! Wooo!


What does Venus conduct Jupiter mean in the natal chart?

Venus conjunct Jupiter is as beautiful as the planets themselves. When these two planets come together it is a wonderful sky show. Because of this, your fame stems not only from your animal appeal but also from your openly sincere and approachable nature. You inspire others to become as warm and affectionate as you are.

As a planetary aspect, it is one of the most peaceful. In Astrology, Venus conjunct Jupiter dislikes conflict to such a degree that you have the capability to initiate peace by being willfully generous as well as harmonious. However, it doesn’t mean that you are particularly active in mitigating disputes. You dislike unpleasant arguments as well as negotiating.

You have an absolute dislike of aggression or situations that are threatening meaning you prefer to be with people who are friendly and agreeable. You also want to surround yourself with beautiful things. You relish beauty in all its varieties and forms. It is possible that as a native of Venus conjunct Jupiter you have a natural talent for arts, music, and poetry. You may show these skills and talents as utter delight in beauty and amusement

This conjunct is favourable to your social life as well as your love life since you entice beautiful things to you. Venus planet is the ruler of wealth as well as love so it is like that you will not have to suffer financially compared to others to attain comfort and luxurious things. You are also extremely lavish and may not have a desire and determination to accrue wealth.

Depending on other aspects of this planetary alignment there can be a few disadvantages. You may have trouble with self-control and extravagance. These tendencies can lead you to addiction and even greed. You may find a challenge to get driven and prefer to be satisfied with the blessings in this life offered by your good karma.