From Dreamy Pisces to Energetic Aries

Hi Friends! When the team at asked me to create some content for you I was thrilled to share something special that would benefit everyone in the community right away…

You see, Astrology has been a long time passion of mine and I am very grateful that the world of technology allows me to reach you through time and space this way.

Because I wanted something that you could practically apply to your life right now, I recorded this short video to help you navigate this month.

Please find my Vedic Astrology Forecast for April 2013 below.

In the video, find out:

• This Month’s special Vedic Mantra that can help you overcome the stress of the “Monkey mind”
• How to “Dream Yourself Awake” – as energy shifts from Pisces to Aries.
• The Secret keys to the great benefic, Jupiter – and the need to connect to your teachings and teachers more than ever this month.

What dream do you want to ‘Dream Awake’ this month? Let us know in the comment section below! This my first official post as a guest contributor on and I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better!

Many Blessings,