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The next New Moons in Scorpio occur on:

  • October 28, 2019, at 4º
  • November 15, 2020, at 23º

Thigh high in Scorpio season by now, sexual energy is swirling and we’ve started taking an “all or nothing” approach to matters of the heart. Scorpio energy is intense, it’s emotional, it’s powerful and it filters into every facet of life.

Scorpio rules sex

In it’s highest iteration, Scorpio is creative and passionate, oozing sexual prowess and hungry for carnal contact.  Lust is one thing, but Scorpio’s steamy sexual energy is stronger, deeper and more in tune with the creative potency of the Universe (or as I like to call it, the Yoniverse (wink!)) So with this in mind, wouldn’t it be a waste NOT to ride this energetic wave, and open up your sex life to Scorpio’s sensual side with a little Moon magic?

Well, the perfect, Moon shaped opportunity is coming right up…

Scorpio New Moon

New Moons in Scorpio are ripe for the kind of love magic that master alchemists dream of. In Astrology, this is the sign of the Shaman, the Mystic and the Witch. In fact, the Scorpio New Moon has another name in covens around the world – it’s known as “Lunar Samhain” which tells you something about the otherworldly power of this time.

Rituals performed at the start of any lunar cycle have the unstoppable momentum of the waxing Moon behind them, and all the potential you need to manifest into your waking reality. And any intentions that you set, and any love spells you cast under this Scorpio New Moon, will have an extra, cosmic wave of support behind them.

What to Consider Before Casting a Love Spell

Before casting a love spell, or performing any ritual with sex in mind it’s important to think very carefully about whether you can handle the outcome. In Wiccan lore, the rule of 3 applies, so whatever energy or magic you send out into the world, dark or light, will return to you threefold.

You should also consider free will when including other people in your magic. Unless you have the consent of another person, don’t include them in your spell and focus instead on the experience you want to call in. Not only is it highly unethical to cast magic around people without their knowledge, but you could create energetic ties with them that, in the future, you come to regret.

New Moon Ritual for Igniting Passion and Sexual Abundance

You can perform this ritual if you’re in a relationship, but also if you are single. If you’re not currently in a love match, try not to fixate on who you most desire to pair up with – try to bear in mind that the Universe has a plan for you (yes, for your love life too!) so be open to whatever kind of sexual abundance is offered.


  • A red candle (and something to light it with)
  • Incense, sage or smudge of any kind
  • Thick paper or parchment
  • A pencil
  • A crystal – either pink tourmaline, red garnet, red jasper, carnelian or orange sapphire


  • Gather together everything you need for the spell and find somewhere comfortable to sit, either indoors or outside under a dark sky.
  • Light the candle and the incense, sage or smudge to cleanse the energy and create a spiritual, sacred space in which to work.
  • If you want to, call in the directions, elements, and any other Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings to support and inspire you.
  • Take the piece of parchment or paper and pencil, and write your name in the center. If you’re including someone specific in the spell (see the note above) write their name just beneath yours. Next, draw a heart around the name/s.
  • Place the paper down in front of you, and put the crystal on the paper, over your name/s.
  • Take a moment to tune into your breath and move your conscious awareness down into your sacral chakra. Trust yourself.
  • Now imagine how you want to feel. What does it feel like to be full of passion? To be sexually liberated and abundant? What do you want to experience? Let your mind wander into fantasies and let the sexual energy grow inside your body. DO this for as long as it takes to feel truly turned on.
  • Imagine this high, sexual energy pooling in your sacral chakra when it begins to overflow, visualize it becoming a little ball of bright orange light.
  • Now imagine pushing this ball of glowing orange light out from your body, and into the heart shape you drew on your piece of parchment. Let it sit there, filling the heart with light.
  • When you feel secure, and you trust that this energy is contained in the heart (you may need to use your imagination – good! This is how all magic begins!) pick up the red candle.
  • Gently tilt the candle to one side, pouring drops of wax onto the parchment so that you’re coating the heart and ‘trapping’ the glowing orange ball of sexual energy inside it, with your name/s.
  • Keep going until you have completely covered the heart with wax. This serves as a potent symbol of your sexual energy and abundance fusing with your partners (or simply with your own body) and becoming part of you.
  • When your spell is complete, thank any Spirit guides, totems, ancestors or light beings who were here with you for their blessings, and safely blow out the candle. Know that your passion spell has been cast and heard, so remain open and receptive as sexual energy and abundance grow within you, and opportunities arise for you to express it!


Working with Love Magic and sexual energy isn’t a passive affair, especially when Scorpio is involved! It’s really important not to just set your intention, perform the ritual, and expect the Universe to do all the work for you – magic is a partnership and this means your participation is required! This is going to mean different things for different people, but as the Moon phases flow through the cycle, allow yourself to be sexual, have a good time in your body and indulge your sensual side.

Also, with more sexual energy flowing through your energy bodies, after performing this love spell, you’ll probably start getting more attention than you’re used to. This doesn’t mean you have to take up every offer you’re given. So be discerning, keep your boundaries strong where you need them, and have fun!

Are you feeling Scorpio’s strong, sensual side? Are you game enough to try a little love spell? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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