Forget lame newspaper horoscopes and cheesy pick-up lines…

Your astrological Sun Sign is a powerful indicator of your inner strengths and greatest attributes.

From the moment you were born, the confluence of the stars and planets created a map to your soul, shaping who you are and who you are to become. To honor the magic in each of the 12 Sun Signs, we created a video highlighting the greatest gifts each one brings to the world.


In a rush but want to see what your Sun Sign says about you? Just move the play head to your time listed below! But be sure to watch till the very end for a special announcement.

  • Aries – 0:41
  • Taurus  – 0:52
  • Gemini  – 1:03
  • Cancer  – 1:13
  • Leo  – 1:24
  • Virgo  – 1:34

  • Libra  – 1:45
  • Scorpio  – 1:54
  • Sagittarius  – 2:05
  • Capricorn  – 2:17
  • Aquarius  – 2:28
  • Pisces  – 2:41

A First Look At Your Greatest Gifts…

As you’ll discover very soon, this is just a small taste of what your Sun Sign reveals about you. There’s so much more we want to share but couldn’t possibly fit into a single video! Instead, we’re preparing a special reading just for you, customized to your date of birth and Sun Sign. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for it in your inbox! In the meantime, comment below and let us know the 1 thing you love most about your Sign!

Many blessings,

The Numerologist Team