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Mark your Calendar…

The next Full Moons in Taurus occur on:

  • November 12, 2019, at 19º
  • October 31, 2020, at 8º

The Moon is exalted in Taurus

What this means, astrologically, is that in the sign of the bull, the Moon expresses herself best. She’s enhanced here, not through the security of home, but through a vibration which allows her to shine. So when she’s Full in Taurus she really shines!

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which carries the steady, slow, devoted energy, like the kind of hard, hard work which ends up feeling so good, it feeds the soul. Taurus encourages us all to relish what we feel – every stretch and swell, ache and awareness in the body, whether it feels good, or not. Taurus knows it’s a privilege to feel anything, so everything is celebrated. This is fixed earth – being in the moment and especially, being in the body.

Full Moons offer culmination and climax

The completion of projects will often occur – planned or otherwise – at this peaking phase of the lunar cycle because nature flows to this rhythm, and whether you know (or like) it or not, so do you.  But actually pausing to notice, to stop peddling and halt the momentum of that treadmill can be hard.

We’re not often taught that time in stillness is time well spent. Instead, the Full Moon energy is harnessed as something manic, something frenetic and high-octane. If you’re not careful, you’ll trip into this trap too and get even busier than you were before, staying up later and trying to achieve more.

Taurus slows us down. Its energy is a gentle push on the brakes, a reminder to stop. And smell the roses.

5 Simple Ceremonies and Rituals for the Full Moon in Taurus

Here are 5 easy Taurus Full Moon rituals and ceremonies for grounding and embodiment, to help you harness the highest, best expressions of lunar energy at this time, and avoid the risk of overwhelm at this lunar zenith.

Ritual 1. Nest

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Create your own safe haven on the night of the Full Moon, away from the world.

Between clean sheets and propped up by feather pillows, go to bed early with candles, hot tea, and a good book. Whilst Taurus loves to be hard at work, this astrological sign – ruled by Venus, also knows the luxury of stillness, warmth and repose. In the opulence and comfort of your bed, let yourself do nothing but feel safe and contained.

Ritual 2. Write a Gratitude List


Often underestimated as a powerful mind-and-body-shifting ritual, writing a short gratitude list is an incredible way to become more present within your own life.

Create a Full Moon ritual from this simple act by first creating sacred space with a candle and some sage or incense. Meditate on your life for a few minutes, then take a piece of paper, and write down at least 10 things you have to be grateful for. From the air to breathe to your fingers and toes, to the money in your bank account, keep going until you feel the sensation of gratitude entering into your body. Let it nourish you.

The more you are grateful for, the more the Universe will give you to be grateful for – it’s as simple as that. As the sign of abundance and material worth, Taurus will act as an amplifier for your thanks.

Why not recreate this simple Full Moon ritual with every coming lunar cycle (whatever its sign) and see how your energetic-body (and life!) shifts long-term?

Ritual 3. Play with Clay

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You could book into a full-blown ceramics class, or simply play with your kids play-doh on the kitchen table at home. Whichever to try, actually holding and shaping the substance of earth in your own two hands, feeling it’s malleable consistency and re-forming it to your will, is an incredible way to connect to the spiritual element of earth. It’s the very same energy that’s the Moon in Taurus mirrors down onto Earth during this time, so playing with clay in this way will really help you to connect to its constructive, creative qualities, rather than its stubborn, fixed ones.

You could take this a step further, creating a Full Moon Ritual – again with sacred space, candles and incense – by setting an intention for any information you wish to receive, to emerge through the clay as you play with it. Why not ask the Goddess to reveal the answer to a question, or the next step to take with an issue you’re currently facing.

Ritual 4. Practice Pedi-Love

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Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere just winding down into autumn, or the southern hemisphere looking forward to summer, it’s safe to say your feet could probably do with a little love! Our feet work SO hard for us, yet how often do you truly give yours the care and affection they deserve? It’s through our paws that we connect to the earth, grounding, sharing negative ions, reducing inflammation and also receiving precious information from Mother Earth.

Under the light of Grandmother Moon, take your shoes and socks off. Walk barefoot in the park, in your garden, the beach or a woodland. Get a little bit muddy! Feel the surface of the Earth between your toes! Then take yourself home and honor your feet with an indulgent foot bathing ceremony, adding some salts and healing, grounding essential oils like sandalwood, black spruce, cinnamon and patchouli to the water. Dy your skin and massage your muscles with love.

Not only is this is a powerful way to release tension, but it will really serve to reinforce a sense of self-worth, from the ground up (literally).

Ritual 5. Bring Nature Indoors

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A great way to ground and connect to the power of the Full Moon in Taurus is to bring nature indoors. Gathering seasonal objects from the natural world, like fruits and flowers, leaves and twigs, pebbles, feathers, even rainwater that you’ve collected, and creating a nature altar, table, or ceremony centerpiece with them can be a powerful ritual exercise.

Be sure to ask nature’s permission before you take anything (and tune in closely to whether you receive an intuitive yes, or an intuitive no). When you have your collection of beautiful objects, arrange them with any others you wish to include (crystals such as selenite and quartz are ideal for working with the Full Moon). Allow Taurus’ ruler, the Goddess Venus, to move through you as you create something truly magical and beautiful!

You could set an intention into your altar for the lunar cycle, revisiting it daily and working to manifest it as the moon phases progress.

Share with us YOUR Full Moon in Taurus tips and ideas, and let us know your methods for connecting with the element of Earth and the Magic of the Moon at this time!

Wishing you SO many Full Moon blessing