When the Sun squares Jupiter, it can be a bit of a strange time. On the one hand, you’ll feel incredibly optimistic and lucky. But on the other hand, your optimism may be a little bit of a downfall. It’s easy today to overpromise and underdeliver just because you’re excited about the energy in the air.

Sun square Jupiter Transit

During a Sun squares Jupiter transit, it’s important to moderate how you express yourself. It is in your self-expression that the day will be one or lost.

If you get overexcited or enthusiastic in your optimism, you may just succumb to the negative side of this transit. But if you recognize that this is a day where your optimistic outlook can be misleading, you will be able to go through the day with cautious optimism and allow it to be a blessing rather than a curse.

The same message goes for spending money or making commitments today. Your confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make, may make you reckless, so don’t make important financial decisions today as they may lead to expensive financial mistakes. With that said, don’t gamble or overindulge too much today. Instead, make your own luck.

Work hard and channel your confident energy into creating something rather than expecting it to fall in your lap.

Sun square Jupiter Natal

If the Sun squares Jupiter in your natal chart, you’ll have great opportunities for success in life. But that said, you need to watch your attitude towards receiving that success. You likely won’t get lucky breaks,  instead, you will make your own luck but this lesson may come at a price.

If you do get fortunate or have some luck come to you your ego maybe come overinflated. This will turn to you overestimating your own abilities and may make you unappreciative or unaware of how you need to get to where you want to be. You will learn in your life that you need to put the work in if you want to be lucky.