If you’re feeling like lady luck is knocking on your door today, the Sun-Jupiter sextile could be to blame. When something comes through or you get some unexpected good news, remember to give yourself some credit though – you worked for it!

Sun Sextile Jupiter Transit

This is one of astrology’s most auspicious transit.

Under a Sun-Jupiter sextile, you will feel more optimistic and happy. And luckily, it’s that mindset that will make the Universe reward you with some awesome news; you’re about to get lucky today. But remember, you actually put it into the work in to get what is coming to you. Whether that was through setting intentions, manifesting or taking small steps towards this goal, you have asked the Universe to bring you something and today, she’s delivering.

The expansive vibes of Jupiter will give you a boost when it comes to starting new projects, giving you what will feel like a ‘lucky break’. Not all opportunities will be totally evident though so you need to be vigilant and look for the signs the Universe is putting out there… then take what’s rightfully yours.

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