Today the Sun conjuncts Mercury so you might turn into a bit of a chatty cathy and feel like you’re in fast-forward all day. The final day of the week will zip by quicker than you can blink and you won’t likely feel the traditionally relaxed vibes of the day of rest.

If you have big dreams, under a Sun-Mercury Conjunction, it might just be the day to chase them… even if you’ve been told they’re silly, unachievable or too lofty.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Transit

This transit is a time to put your thinking cap on. As Mercury is the planet of communication and the Sun representing your identity, being vocal about your ideas for self-improvement and personal growth is on the cards today. Your mind will be at its sharpest today and you’ll have the mental clarity to find solutions to any problems blocking you from your goals.

Your greatest breakthroughs may come from your interactions with others. So make sure you communicate about your goals and collaborate where you can. Although you’ll ultimately be responsible for your own success, input from others may help you see a new way of doing things.

So, are you ready to use this Sun-Mercury conjunction to make go after your wildest dreams? Comment YES below for an extra cosmic boost!


What does the sun conjunct Mercury mean in the natal chart?

Individuals born with Sun conjunct Mercury in their birth chart are one of the finest communicators in the zodiac. They want to network with others as much as possible since this is what is stimulating to them.

However, since they have such a busy mind, they may not pay too much attention when their loved ones are talking because they are typically thinking of numerous other things. When it comes to communication, it can be said they are better at talking rather than listening.

The planet Mercury is the ruler of communication and logic. It rules the way people think as well as education, neighbors, and relatives. It is a critical planet when it comes to traveling short distances, exchanges of information as well as the news.

Mercury is an astrological guardian. It makes natives who have it their birth chart think fast and be adaptable to anything. They are less emotional and more curious about knowledge.

Because of this, these people have an awesome power of thought and can set their minds to do anything they want. They are imaginative and determined to succeed. They are often witty and impulsive. It is rare to see them acting according to their feelings or what is in their hearts. Their mind is the one dictating their actions as well as their words.

These natives love to contemplate and introspect. However, they can overdo these things and become preachy and pedantic. They can become selfish and stubborn as well as judgmental individuals. It is especially the case in which the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in the birth chart is below 5°.

Because of this, they tend to be rigid to the opinions of others and refuse ideas that aren’t in line with theirs.

Additionally, it makes them less impartial when they’re trying to analyze themselves.

It is possible for these natives to be selfish and not realize it’s because their thoughts are more about their concerns about themselves and never about the feelings of others.

Since they are the most talented when it comes to communication, they make awesome teachers.

The Sun, in conjunction with Mercury in the natal chart, gives individuals a difficult time when they need to be taken seriously, especially by authority figures. Because of this, they may have been told numerous times to behave during childhood.

As adults, these natives have a tendency to rebel and fight for causes that, for other people, seem ridiculous and lost. It is also likely for them to be attracted to alternative medicine and all kinds of conspiracy theories.

A majority of these natives are strong-minded and hostile when protesting against those who happen to be in authority. The fact that they enjoy expressing themselves every time makes other people appreciate them more.

It is possible for them to transmit any message an idea since communication is their strongest point. People enjoy hearing and seeing them talk because they are animated and interesting.

They are relaxed speaking in front of the public which is the reason they’re such good actors and politicians. It should also be mentioned they can adapt to any new situation and person.

But more than this, they seem to be curious and very talented at engineering as well as the arts. It is effortless for them to study any subject because they simply love knowledge and everything that is involved in it, such as reading and following precise instructions.

Additionally, individuals born under the Sun conjunct Mercury transit are awesome writers. They also excel as calligraphers and code creators. This crucial aspect in their birth chart is also making them more sensitive to nervous issues because they simply don’t know how to relax their minds and enjoy peace of mind.

These individuals are also single-minded, but they are not prone to argue with those who are not in agreement with them.

They have this awesome ability to assimilate their personality with almost anything. However, it doesn’t mean that their life is going to be problem-free. It shows how satisfied they are with their goals and what they have managed to achieve.

If a situation is not beneficial for them in one way or the other, they will not try to adapt to it. They are motivated to make all of their dreams come true.

Natives who were born under the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect know how to utilize the resources for the attainment of their goals. It should also be mentioned that they are very talented and capable.

They despise it when others are curious and nosy regarding their affairs, so they have some boundaries that one should never go over.

It is likely for them to be successful in life, but many may judge the means they achieve their ends. These people don’t have similar measures of appreciating success as most individuals.

They have a tendency to work better working alone because they can easily appreciate how much they have done and how good their results are.

Although they are confident when it comes to the way they interact with others, they are only typically successful at socializing and not developing interpersonal connections because they are too afraid to get hurt.

They are more sensitive compared to their loved ones. It is normal for them to protect their feelings a majority of the time, not to mention they are also dependent on being spiritually fulfilled.

Since they are constantly put under stress by society to compete, they need to take breaks and meditate in private.