When the expansive energy of the Sun-Jupiter Conjunction enters the celestial scene, you’ll have a day to remember!.


During a Sun-Jupiter Conjunction, your desire to breathe new life into your very core is at an all time high. And while many transits can light that fire in your belly, this one actually inspires you into action. Your confidence that you can achieve your dreams will inspire you to fearlessly launch towards them. Even the most cautious of signs will feel a deep urge that now’s the time to make a change.

With the Sun all about the self and Jupiter all about expansion and higher truth, this transit seeks to bring to life your big plans. It urges you to focus on yourself, your dreams and ambitions and tells you that they are no longer pipe dreams. They are realistic goals and it’s time to forge ahead to go for them.


The answer is simple: take action!

Depending on your sign and your personal dreams, the way you do this will be highly individual, but in any case, taking steps forward will see you maximize the potential of this day.

During this time of personal growth, it’s also important that you assess your beliefs about the world and yourself. Does the story you’re telling yourself about your life still resonate with where you’re going? If not, rewrite it. Without first addressing what’s holding you back, you won’t be able to fully harness the expansive vibes of this transit.

But this collective forecast is only part of your story…

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What Sun conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart means

Unless there is an adverse aspect of Saturn on the birth chart, individuals with Sun conjunct Jupiter in their birth charts are typically passionate and hopeful. They expect the best from themselves as well as from others and from life. They prefer to see the good aspects of the world.

However, their confidence in everything turning out all right can get them into a few hitches. Overindulgence in food, drink, gambling, shopping, and whatever their pleasure is maybe an extreme possibility simply because these people can be procrastinators and put too much faith in life fixing itself. They might be eating just for the sake of gastronomic pleasure and pamper themselves with luxurious items, temporarily forgetting the reality of bills and payments that follow. It can be difficult for them to save money.

The truth is, many times, these individuals have a mystical angel who intervenes and saves their day at the very last minute. But inevitably, they will have to face several consequences of their excessiveness. Examples would be an increasing waistline or growing debt.

Although these natives are not especially competitive, Jupiter has a cheerful outlook and tends to accomplish great things quite a bit. These people are quite resourceful. They are able to win over others as their nature is willing to help out others rather than be in conflict with them. They come across as fair individuals who have big hearts and are extremely sincere. They are generous with their time and money and are likable. Since they often overestimate their capabilities, they can promise more than they can deliver.

Several people with this aspect can be moralistic because of the influence of the planet. Others express the teacher aspect of Jupiter. Still, others will be prone to embellishment though their stories are extremely interesting that people tend to overlook them.

Although these Natal Jupiter are mainly positive and optimistic, Jupiter people are vulnerable to suppression as well. Although the feeling is short-lived, their downs can be melodramatic because they are unprepared for these occurrences.

According to Astrology, Sun conjunct Jupiter natives have an idealism that makes every day an adventure waiting to happen. If there are conflicts along the way, they simply ride over them, believing that everything happens for the best. These people are undoubtedly eternal optimists, but if their enthusiasm outweighs practicality, they can expand their goals right into being bankrupt. At worst, they may become stubbornly overconfident and take others with them. The key to success is moderation.

Sun conjunct Jupiter natives are their own vocation, and the best way for them to succeed in the world is just to be themselves. Their best job is to let their light shine, so their best career would be in front of the public, such as in sales and politics. They are lucky individuals, and others want to be with them. Their general outlook in life is attractive, and people seek out their help for their problems. They are natural guides and counselors who are very successful in this role.

Every one of these natives tends to be extremely good at making social projects work because they are most of the time focused on developing things.

A majority of natives under the sun conjunct Jupiter aspect have a great value for life and the way people can collaborate together. But they need to be surrounded by individuals who are passionate about justice.

When it comes to their relationships, they want a significant other who thinks in a similar way as them and who is also optimistic no matter the situation.

They steer clear of materialistic people who can’t see any subtlety and want only to get rich or to become extremely powerful.

These natives expect a lot from their other half, which means they may put pressure on the other with demands and sometimes not pay attention to the other’s needs.

Because of this, they need to be more considerate with people in their intimate circle by not overindulging in pleasure and paying attention to what these people need.