AS IF 2020 hasn’t given us enough “shhhhtuff” to deal with already… we’re going to be ending 2020 with another Eclipse season. So it’s safe to say, 2020 isn’t through with us yet. 

With a Pelumbar Lunar Eclipse on November 30th, and a Total Solar Eclipse happening on December 14th, it looks like this year is going to be ending the same way it started… 

And if you can remember back that far, you’ll remember that we started off 2020 right smack dab in the middle of an Eclipse season (I know, I know – January seems like it happened 84 years ago).

But honestly, I really don’t know why we were all so surprised by the crazy year and never-ending twists and turns that 2020 brought us… I mean starting the year off in the middle of Eclipse season should have been our sign… right?

And now that we’re ending this year on another Eclipse season… I’m really not sure what to think… Is it good? Is it bad?

On one hand, maybe it’s a good thing that we’re ending the year the same way that it started – on super-charged energy of change and evolution… maybe this is exactly what we need to leave behind the emotional upset that was 2020, and enter into 2021 with a newfound revolution, drive, and intention? 

But on the other hand, I’m pretty sure we’ve been saying that all year – “oh yes THIS is what’s gonna finally turn the tides for us”…. and then….. **crickets**

Okay so maybe we can’t predict the future (sorry Nostradamus) but one thing is absolutely certain: Eclipse Season is a time of deep transformation, powerful release, sudden change, and beautiful beginnings…

And luckily for us, this particular eclipse season will be happening in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. This means you can expect high energy, social adeptness, adventure, and risks to be in the cards for you. But it won’t be all fun and games, but these moons also bring them some shadows… nervousness, anxiety, stubbornness, and manipulation can creep up if you aren’t using this energy wisely. 

But exactly what that means for you? Well, each sign handles this powerful energy surge just a little bit differently… 

Here’s how your sign will deal with the upcoming Solar Eclipse Season.


This eclipse season is likely to take your already high energy and amplify it even more. You’ll find that it’s hard for you to sit still, and if you don’t put this energy surge to good use, then it’s likely to sit around and bring out your selfish or overly competitive side. 


Get ready for a big ‘ol kick in the rear end. You’ll find yourself feeling much more energetic than usual (a welcome vibe because let’s be honest, you’ve been feeling pretty lazy lately). Use this moon to your advantage, and allow for it to bring change into your life… great things can happen when you stop resisting. 


With part of this eclipse season happening in your home sign and considering your mutable tendencies, this is going to be a very powerful opportunity for release in your life. Communication is something to pay special attention to during this lunation, be careful not to overanalyze every little thing – it can lead to gossip, which is never a good thing. 


This lunar eclipse season is going to throw your sentimental side into overdrive… are feeling it already? You might find it difficult to relax, or turn “off” your mind, thanks to Gemini and Sagittarius’s restless energy. If you’re feeling overly fidgety, you can relax both your mind and your body by indulging in something artistic – paint, dance, or sing!


These eclipses are going to bring some larger than life changes into your life – and you’re ready for them! It’s likely that these changes are going to manifest themselves in the form of endings, releases, and transformation. Remember to keep your energy moving in forward momentum,  if you slow down and stop what’s already been set into motion, it could result in some unwelcome drama.


These powerful lunations can bring you into dangerous “perfectionism” territory. This extremely social and high-strung energy can bring up fears you have about making change and taking risks. Remember these feelings are valid, but they don’t serve your highest purpose. Allow yourself to step into the unknown, and always remember that nothing can be perfect. 


This eclipse season is a great time for you to get out there and do some socializing! You’re likely to be feeling very playful, curious, and in love with love. Take advantage of this opportunity, and use it to spice up your relationships or have fun with something artistic. One thing to watch out for is the potential to become superficial. Yes, you do love beautiful things – but remember that’s not all that’s worth pursuing. 


Waves are being made into your usual dark and seductive waters with this full moon. Gemini and Sagittarius will be throwing a taste of playful communication, and socializing, into your energy field. This is an ideal time to check some tasks off your to-do list, especially if they involve public speaking or group events.


Representing the end of a chapter and the closing of a season, these two powerful moons are likely to bring you out of your normal extroverted and expressive character, and instead bring you into the depths of your own mind. With part of this eclipse season happening right here in your own sign, you can expect to feel the energy of release in full effect. Take this time to reflect on the future you want and what the best steps are to get there. 


Get ready to feel uncomfortable, because this eclipse season is pulling you right out of your comfort zone, and throwing you into the world of the unknown… where rules are made to broken and nothing is for certain. You’re being called to release control (I know, it’s easier said than done), relax on the rules, and open your mind to the magic that’s possible when you embrace the curiosity of Air, and the courage of Fire. 


This eclipse season is going to be pushing your boundaries and expanding your heart. Tap into this social and lively energy… using it to release the heavy emotions that you tend to cling onto. Allow this season to make you vulnerable enough to show others the depths of your soul, imagination, and heart. 


Your deeply empathetic and spiritual nature is going to be taken by storm during these powerful lunations. Your deep waters are going to be swimming with restlessness, distractions, and nervousness. Keep on top of these shadowy traits by embracing the change as it appears. Set intentions for the new season that’s about to occur, and every time your mind (inevitably) wanders, center yourself back into the present moment.


What are you looking forward to this Eclipse Season? Comment below and let us know!

About Brittany Jordan

Brittany is a writer for Drawn to astrology, herb magic, and spirituality she loves connecting with people through well-crafted words and the occasional belly laugh. Bored by the traditional ''seriousness'' that spirituality is often associated with, she enjoys making divination fun through playful writing that keeps topics down-to-Earth, easy to digest, and most importantly... FUN to read.

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