We’ve had a summer of ups and downs, stalls and starts, but now the planets are moving forward and we can reap the benefits of movement, taking action, starting new things, clearing up confusions, etc. now that the eclipse season has ended. Mercury and Mars are now direct too, so we are thinking more clearly and our energy is coming back again. We are ready to get out there. And both Saturn and Pluto go direct this month: business will begin to thrive again, so these two dynamos are going to shake up our world at the root level. Buckle up, the rocket is about to launch.

Sun in Virgo

The Devil’s In The Detail

The Sun is in Virgo, the sign of service. Virgo rules all those tasks we take care of, duty and responsibility for things like housekeeping, pet care, taking care of sick people and the needy. Virgos love the details. They love to help others and quite often are clean freaks, or if they have too many planets in Virgo can be completely unorganized as they can’t find a starting point and just stall.

Virgos are caring and compassionate: it’s a time of the year to honor caregivers – like your mother or spouse or garbage collector or nurses – and appreciate what they bring to the world. Imagine a world where no one kept things clean and orderly, or when you cried for help no one came. Virgo teaches us that duty is important, and tells you if you need to be more responsible or practical. So, to bring more balance to your life, ask your guides for help in this matter and bring those qualities into your life. Give yourself a sense of peace as you handle more of your “to dos” and feel more relaxed. You’ll also gain self-esteem because you know you can take care of things if need be.


Saturn Goes Direct

It’s Time For Setting Goals

Saturn goes direct on the 6th, following its retrograde since mid-April, opening wide the flow of money, commerce, business dealings, and developing long-term plans and goals. If your business has slowed or even stalled, by the 10th of this month, things will start to move forward and grow again, so breathe deep, the wheel is ALWAYS turning and the down cycle is passing.


Mars In Capricorn & Aquarius

Get It Done!

Mars is in Capricorn until the 10th so it’s a perfect time for getting your stuff done slowly but surely. But as of the 10th, when it moves to Aquarius, you have to take others into consideration, and look at the big picture. Take a bigger view so you will succeed.


Uranus in Harmony with Saturn

Prepare for Breakthroughs

Innovative ideas are especially good as Uranus is in harmony with Saturn, and Uranus is all about new ideas and tech/medical breakthroughs. In fact, some major announcements about new inventions that are truly amazing can come this month. Dreams and flash ideas are very Uranian, so listen to those “new ideas” and run with them. Inspiration is all around you. These two planets are creating/manifesting the new – new ways of doing things. And this is going to affect our institutions too.

Expect government secrets to come out and the old way of doing things will be forced to be redone because the masses have had it. Uranus always brings revolution, but with Saturn’s help, the changes will be permanent and far-reaching.


Venus is in Libra

Potent Love Energy Abounds

Venus, the planet of love and money, is now in Libra, its home. Planets at home are more potent than usual. It’s a perfect time for love and sound financial dealings. Sign contracts in good faith and they will last and be good deals. From Oct 5 -Dec 17, Venus goes retrograde, which is NOT a good time for meaningful commitment, or signing contracts. So take advantage of the good energy in September and try not to commit to anything new next month until the end of the year.

On the 9th, Venus moves into Scorpio and it will set our hormones on fire. Our ability to connect spiritually and create a truly loving, passionate bond will also be enhanced. During this month, you may meet someone from your past again, or someone new who is likely to be someone from a past life. You will feel like you knew each other before and create an instant connection. Don’t expect, or push for, a commitment until year’s end, when the Venus retrograde period is ended.

Get to know each other and make a friend as well as a partner. Pre-retrograde is also good for money-making in ways related to Venus – clothing, art, jewelry – things that are pretty.


Pluto in Harmony With Jupiter

Put in The Hard Work

At the end of September, Pluto, the rebirth sign ruled by Scorpio, is in harmony with Jupiter. Commerce and trade will be more successful. Hard work with good results is the theme here. Start that new business, change those office procedures or get a new product line, etc. Personally, work hard toward your goals and that hard work will be rewarded. This is a time when really putting your all into something will pay off.

If you choose to be lazy, you are missing a great opportunity here. It’s also a time when a lack of integrity will come out and ruin a company or organization. Secrets are falling out of the woodwork and headlines can be mind-boggling. If you lack integrity it will all come out, so weed out people and practices that are not honest and above board or you will pay the price. We are going to see corporate and government secrets revealed and send shockwaves. Honesty is making a big comeback, thank God.

It’s going to be a busy month full of change and responsibility. Put on your practical shoes and get going. Success can be had with hard work.

Till next month, Yvonne.

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About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at TheAstroHealer.com.

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