After the cleansing, clearing, practical space-making of Virgo; and the soft, gentle breeze of artistic, cooperative, unifying Libra comes the deep dive of Scorpio Season.

Most of us spend Libra season busily making friends, making amends and smoothing the way through our days – it’s what the sign of the scales does best. But once the cosmic wheel turns, that’s not enough for sensual Scorpio. Known for its brooding, obsessive and all-consuming energy, this zodiac sign – like sister water signs Cancer and Pisces – can’t be contained. When the Sun graces the sign of the Scorpion, it’s power can induce fear and its intensity can cause even the bravest sailors to abandon ship.

When is Scorpio Season 2018?

October 23 (some years this is October 22) marks the start of the Sun’s foray into the eighth sign of the zodiac. Here, the celestial solar God will stay for an entire month, until setting sail for the fire of Sagittarius on November 22 (some years this is November 21). This means that Scorpio season coincides with Samhain – Halloween to most of us modern mystics – which lies on October 31st, the one night of the year when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest.

During this time, we all grow a little of the Scorpion’s tail.

This is because the Sun represents our fuel, our driving force, our personal ego. So whenever it enters into a sign, it takes on the flavor of that sign. And regardless of your natal sign, so do you.

This year too, the Sun and Venus will meet in the early degrees of Scorpio, as the planet of beauty and love has been retrograde here since October 22nd, paving the way for the transformation of our relationships. (For more about Venus retrograde click here).

Does Scorpio Season Give us That Much to Fear…?

In Astrology, Scorpio is a long misunderstood sign – the zodiac’s scapegoat – which gets blamed for so much of the shadow that graces the cosmic shores.

But is it simply that we’re more likely to see (and therefore look for) the darker aspects of Scorpio than any other sign?  For the possessiveness, jealousy, resentment, and secretiveness it can express? When it could just as easily be magnetic, devoted, intuitive, exciting and powerful beyond measure? And does this zodiac sign perhaps fulfill its starry prophecy, erupting more readily, with intensely and with more passion than its brother and sister signs… just because we all will it to be so?


Because if there’s one thing to realize about this potent cosmic energy, it’s that it needs to be channeled. Without a purpose, it sits and pools. It broods. And if things turn gloomy (which they easily can at this time of year) it festers and brews like the bubbling contents of the metaphorical wicked witch’s cauldron. (Yes, we DO all know in real life, that witches aren’t all wicked, but here in Scorpio season, it’s an image that fits in just soooo well…)

SO… After Libra season. And the soft togetherness it cultivated, we stand here facing the start of a new cosmic month, in which to grow a different kind of love. Scorpio-sign style.

So here are 5 slightly unusual, but typically transformational ways the sign of the Scorpion could dramatically improve your love life over the next four weeks….

1. Devotion

The darker Scorpionic traits of obsession, compulsion, and possessive behavior emerge most often because love is unrequited.

Think about it.

They’re seen as negative expressions because when they appear, we don’t want them! Overblown, inflated displays of love and affection – when they’re coming from someone you don’t really like – are downright creepy, invasive and verging on the stalker-ish. But what about if you’re madly, deeply in love? If your emotions are willful and wild and you’re in the throes of an intense and dramatic love affair? Then what? Well, in that case, maybe obsession equals devotion.

Love so deep, so crazy and so unafraid to be seen is what Scorpio energy is all about. And whilst it may err on the side of downright disturbing and push you fast towards relationship breakup if it’s what greeted you first thing in the morning, every day of the week, one short-lived astrological season of wild, impassioned love, expressed through equally wild and dramatic gestures could ignite some serious flames of passion.

Try going overboard.

Try turning up the volume this month, and expressing your commitment.

Be devoted to love.

2. Pooled Resources

As ruler of the eighth astrological house, Scorpio rules not just money, but other people’s money. Whilst this concept may seem a bit of a mystery, what it actually means is that under the power of this season, we’re being encouraged to pool our resources.


This is already a highly resourceful sign. If you’re Scorpio-born, regardless of how much money is currently in your bank account, I’ll bet you have a gift for obtaining what you need, whenever you need it? Well, when this kind of ingenuity is multiplied, and people work together, everyone adding a little of their own personal power, something a bit like magic happens. Add love into the mix, and anything is possible. You don’t just get more for your money, you get into alignment with the Universe. And the Universe likes it when that happens.

3. Emotional Intimacy

Often regarded as a secretive horoscope sign, Scorpio is actually more likely to be the great revealer of secrets. It’s the sun sign of my mother-in-law, and within half an hour of walking through her front door for the very first time, I found myself in a pool of tears, weeping over a handful of painful childhood memories she’d somehow encouraged me to spill into her heaving shoulders, primed and ready to catch the depth of my soul as they emptied out. (Her birthday also happens to be Halloween – Scorpio at its most intense.)

This sign has a real knack for digging deep – there’s no time wasted here on small talk, so this season, expect people to open up to you. Expect them to show you the contents of their heart, in all of its minute and beautiful detail.

In love, there’s potential here for true closeness, vulnerability, and the kind of intimacy that’ll take your relationships to a whole new level. Which leads onto…

4. Better Sex

Whilst it feels like a bit of a cliche to say so, in astrology, this sign is the one most associated with sex. With lust, with passion, with desire and with all things erotic. And whilst this manifests differently for every sun sign/ rising/ natal moon sign Scorpio, sexual energy flows fiercely wherever this energy is present. Which means during this solar season, we all get the benefits!

man and woman in rain during scorpio season

So whatever your relationship status, this is a great time to get some action between the sheets, with (or without ;)) your partner of choice!

5. Transformation

This is the zodiac sign of alchemy. With Pluto as its ruling planet, Scorpio knows exactly how to take the base metals of life and turn them into pure gold, which means under the watchful eye of this transformational sign, anything can become anything. Anyone can become anyone. You can shapeshift into whomever you choose.

shadow transformation

In love, it means you’re allowed to change. You’re encouraged to improve. You’re positively invited to metamorphose into your highest possible version. But there’s a price to pay. Just like  Pluto, the planet of the underworld, in order to glean those riches, you have to step into your shadow and face up to your darkness. And as we already know, Scorpio doesn’t do small talk. Scorpio doesn’t do superficial. So enough of skimming around on the surface – if you want to truly transform yourself (and therefore your relationships) you have to do the work. The real work. For more about Pluto and the Shadow, click HERE

Are you feeling it yet?

All Horoscopes will feel this transit a little differently. As always, its effects will vary according to your personal astrology chart so if your interested has been sparked, why not book a reading with an astrologer? (Find out more about the benefits of knowing your own chart HERE).

But for now, share with us how you’re feeling Scorpio season rise!

What are you looking forward to? And what are you dreading? Share below!


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