An incredible push-pull vibe enters the cosmos, when Saturn squares Uranus you’ll be forced to question the status quo, push boundaries and challenge social norms. With Saturn in the ‘conservative corner’ and Uranus trying to cause chaos at every turn, you’ll be consistently challenged to choose between the old and the new.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

One thing is sure, change is coming…

And with Saturn and Uranus influencing everything, your ability to question how things are vs how they could be will actually allow you to make more informed, considered decisions.

Which is good for the collective. And good for you as an individual.

That said, avoid jumping too quickly into new ventures since following through may not be easy. Acting on impulse is okay as long as your actions are in tune with your deepest needs. However, if it is misaligned, it can lead to mistakes. Do not be seduced by a “freedom at all costs” mindset since it is crucial to be very thorough with all your decisions amid these expansive and rebellious energies.

Things to Consider During the Saturn Square Uranus Alignment

  • It is the best time to innovate and learn new things. Open your mind to new ideas and unconventional ways of doing things.
  • Never jump into too many new things if you think that crucial resources are on the line.

And while it’s good to understand how this alignment affects the collective, it’s more revealing to consider it alongside your personal numerology chart. If you don’t know your life path number, you can click here to calculate it (and 4 other numbers in your numerology chart), or read on below to figure it out…

Calculating Your Life Path Number

The correct way to calculate the Life Path Number is to group the Month, Day, and Year, add them individually, reduce to a single number for each, and then reduce them to a single number.

For example:

Birth Date: May 4, 1977

May = 5

4 = 4

1977 = (1 + 9 + 7 + 7) = 24 = (2 + 4) = 6

Then add the totals from each above group.

(5 + 4 + 6) = 15 = (1 + 5) = 6

Life Path 6


Do not reduce the Master Numbers of 11 or 22 to single digits.

How to Deal with the Saturn Square Uranus Alignment Based on Your Life Path Number

Lifepath 1

The number 1 number is all-consuming and could very well represent the entire universe in it. This magnificent number represents high ambition and assertion. People who have a number 1 life path have a positive outlook in life. They are always expecting the best. This number gains success and power through patience and hard work. They have a strong work ethic that allows them to conquer against all odds. If this is your life path number, it is crucial to get started on projects and plans that you have left on the backburner.

You might want to start learning a new skill to level up your chances for promotion and success in your career. The number 1 is driven to do new things and apply their ideas in reality. A Saturn square Uranus alignment is the best time to kickstart the realization of these dreams.

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Lifepath 2

The number 2 is the number of dualities. It thrives when it cooperates and connects with other people. This number is a blend of opposing forces. It is easy for a person with this life path number to be influenced by others. Because of this, people with a life path of number 2 should choose their acquaintances and friends wisely.

Under the guidance of competent mentors, they can improve their lives and have a sense of direction. During the Saturn square Uranus cosmic alignment, these people can thrive best when cooperating with others for mutual endeavors. They should seek out gurus that answer the most profound questions of their hearts. They will find this period favorable to find experts and partners who can help them reach their aspirations and goals.

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Lifepath 3

Lifepath 3 number is a forceful number that governs expression, entertainment, and the arts. People with this life path number typically have an attractive and charismatic persona. They are all set for fame. They are go-getters and rather ruthless in getting what they want. However, they balance these by having a great sense of responsibility. They apply rules and principles in their affairs and have a disciplined life.

During a Saturn square Uranus alignment, it is in the best interest of number 3 natives to utilize their ability for self-expression to get what they want. The energies of the planet levels of their charisma and their ability to be convincing to the public. Their success will depend on how well they utilize their words and how much it aligns with the truth.

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Lifepath 4

Number 4 natives are true to their words and are always forward-looking. These people have a practical approach to life. They are dependable and can be relied on to keep things going. In many cases, number 4 natives have proven how lucky and fortunate they are. Since they stick to what is tried-and-true, they often enjoy good social status.

They are farsighted and conservative and have a well-balanced bank account. During a Saturn square Uranus alignment, it will help if these natives try to explore something new. They might find that a new system can help ease the way processes are done in their life and work. They must have an open mind to harness the powers of this cosmic alignment.

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Lifepath 5

The number 5 is somewhat volatile since it seeks freedom and adventure. Number 5 natives must have always felt that they have a dynamic and uncontrollable energy that gets diverted easily. In many cases, they encounter failure since they do not plan well or stick to success strategies. They are frequently at the mercy of their moods and only do what they like for the moment.

When Saturn square Uranus is on the horizon, the desire for innovation is enhanced. These natives must stick to their schedule and apply self-discipline to mitigate the impact of Saturn’s and Uranus’s cosmic energies. Mindfulness and meditation can help them control these energies and focus their creative minds. For number 5 people, the secret to success is self-discipline.

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Lifepath 6

Among all the numbers in the cycle, the number 6 is the most peaceful and harmonious. These people have an eye for beauty and comfort. Their emotions rule them, which sometimes gets in the way of thinking practically. However, these people are headstrong and are not easily diverted from their path. During a Saturn square Uranus alignment, these people must seek innovations that will help them create a good life for themselves and their loved ones.

However, they should avoid enterprises that aren’t trustworthy and might waste their time and energy. These natives must treasure their resources and follow their intuition in making the right decision.

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Lifepath 7

Compared to all the other numbers, the number 7 is a mystical number. These natives are believed to be smart and keen thinkers searching for something out of this world. They do not believe in the superficial appearances of things. They tend to dig deeper. They are always searching for hidden facts.

To some extent, they are introverted people. They are brilliant but only discover their true potential gradually. During a Saturn square Uranus alignment, it is crucial for these people to awaken their minds finally. They must expand their mind and embark on a quest to be knowledgeable about subject areas they are interested in. It will help if they take the time to relax and get in touch with kindred spirits who can show them the right path. It will also help if they meditate to focus and understand revelations from the higher realms.

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Lifepath 8

The number 8 is the number of wealth. People with this number are considered to be highly philosophical with great creativity. They are self-driven, but their potentials only manifest in their full force if they seek out others’ help and guidance. People with a number 8 life path tend to be profound and sensitive individuals.

During a Saturn square Uranus cosmic alignment, these people can have a windfall. Luck is in their favor, especially if they utilize innovations to help them stand out in their career or industry. However, they must connect with others and create a team. It is better for them to include others in their success and expand their energies to invite more people into their circle.

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Lifepath 9

Natives of the number 9 are driven, practical, and generous. Typically, people who are 9 natives are courageous even if everyone is attacking them. They have a daring temperament and a strong ego. They can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Since the number 9 is concerned with closures and endings, it is crucial to let go of things in the past during a Saturn square Uranus alignment. You must make space to receive the new and fresh cycle ahead.

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Lifepath 11

Among all the numbers, the master number 11 is considered to be the most intuitive. It has a direct connection to the subconscious and gut feelings. It is regarded that people who possess this master number are old souls. They can deal with stressful situations in a calm and relaxed manner. In many cases, these people have deep faith and can even predict the future.

Master 11 people are drawn to professions such as clairvoyance, psychoanalysis, and prophecy. During a Saturn square Uranus alignment, the intuition of these natives is leveled up. They must tap into their spiritual side and seek the revelations from higher realms. It will help them become more effective healers, teachers, and gurus.

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Lifepath 22

The master number 22 is otherwise called the Master Builder. The reason is this number has the power to turn dreams into reality. It has within it all the intuition and insight of the master 11 but with the addition of the practicality and disciplined manner of the number 4. Without a doubt, this number has vast potential. This number has high self-esteem, which can kickstart its astonishing success.

During a Saturn square Uranus alignment is crucial for natives of this number to check innovations that can help them build their dreams more effortlessly. Check out new technologies, software, and methods that can speed up the achievement of your goals and desires.

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What does Saturn square Uranus in the natal chart mean?

This alignment brings an incredible amount of tension. It provides you with an endless supply of energy that is spontaneous and makes you highly productive but also the object of controversy. You can be described as strongly independent. You are also self-aware and progressive. However, these are tempered by a solid sense of being responsible and an appreciation of the structure and stability that tradition provides. This inner push and pull between individuality and accountability is the root cause of your tension but also your creative impulse. 

Trying to be a responsible person and having the freedom to be yourself is a continuous inner battle. Meaning you may be experiencing sudden relationship breakups as well as changes in your career. There are also bound to be disagreements about your commitments in relationships which can result in sudden temper outbursts. You may also be experiencing friction with superiors on the job and authorities overall. It is probable that you have challenges when obeying rules that limit your freedom. You feel that these rules hamper your creativity as well as your self-expression.

It is possible for you to have a polarizing impact on others which result in supporters as well as detractors. You have a profound respect for tradition as well as governments, but it will only go so far. In the end, you have a stronger faith in personal freedom. It is possible for you to become an activist as well as a crusader for human rights as well as the environment. But it is unlikely that you will turn out to be a true anarchist because you prefer to transform things from within.

All through your life, you had to find a critical balance between your duty and personal freedom. Meaning you must cooperate. You are your best self when you can work with a structure while having sufficient freedom to make individual decisions. Through many trials, you will learn a vital balance between the drudgery of routine and enjoyment.

If you are the type who rebels too much, you will be losing the support and structure, and security you crave for your eventual success. It is critical that you stay faithful to your routine. But always following the rules will mitigate your imagination and increase your anxiety and tension to a boiling point. It also possible that you may be labeled a weirdo because you ignore the instructions and ethical codes of the society where you live in. You need to have the freedom to be yourself, but it must be tempered by ethical considerations.

It will help if you learn to relax and channel your inner energy in a more well-organized manner. You might want to try out transcendental meditation.

In Conclusion…

This Saturn square Uranus marks the start of a new era. At every turn, challenge the old and consider the new, and make balanced decisions based on it. At some points the conservative will prevail, at others, you’ll embrace chaos. Either way, use this year to make radical changes in your life and the Universe will reward you…