saturn returnPinSaturn is the masculine planet that rules the ambitious zodiac sign Capricorn and 10th house. Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, and it’s rings are symbolic of man’s natural and inevitable limitations. Saturn is a karmic planet that represents discipline, restrictions and limitations, obstacles, societal development, life lessons and structure. Some of the limitations represented by Saturn are obligations, time, father/authority figures and fears.

A Spectacular Awakening – Don’t Fight It

When Saturn’s transits aspect important points and planets in your natal chart, it exposes truths in your life that you may have avoided or pushed away from your consciousness. At these times, we are faced with the consequences of our decisions, which are very simple.

We are rewarded for positive habits and well-intentioned decisions, and we are held accountable for negative habits and ill-intentioned decisions. These consequences result in the realization that there are parts of our lives that need attention. The easiest way to deal with Saturn transits is to open up to its lessons. Otherwise, Saturn will keep adding stress to your life in order to push you to change.

What’s The Deal With Saturn Returning?

The most notorious of Saturn transits is Saturn return, which is a time of transition into the next phase of maturity and understanding. It takes around 29.5 years for Saturn to return to any spot in the zodiac, with the exception of retrograde phases within that time. After 27-28 years, it will return to the same sign it was in when you were born.

Saturn return starts when Saturn enters your sign and ends when it leaves your sign. This period lasts about 2.5 years, and it marks a turning point in which we would ideally come out more responsible, mature and wiser.

No Sugar Coating It – This Can Be A Tough Time

During Saturn return, Saturn comes down on us with harsh reality checks about our personal realities. We are asked to evaluate and change our life’s structures such as career path, relationships and habits. Time seems to move quicker while progress seems to slow down, and we are forced to fully experience our processes step by step. It sounds daunting but is for good reason. It inspires you to figure out your ambitions and figure out the best way to get there, given our circumstances. We learn to dispose of old habits that no longer serve us and develop new habits that will help move us forward. Responsibility gets easier and our future becomes clearer.

What’s Saturn Doing Right This Minute

Currently in Sagittarius, Saturn encourages growth, awareness, knowledge and experience – but in a controlled manner because remember, we’re dealing with Saturn here. Balance is required to appease the energies of Sagittarius and Saturn. Sagittarius thinks big and expects positive results, while Saturn pays attention to detail and has realistic expectations. Sagittarius encourages outspokenness and strong faith, while Saturn challenges by holding you accountable for what you do and say.

This Is How Saturn Will Affect You Personally

Even if Saturn isn’t returning or aspecting important planets in your natal chart, it will still affect certain parts of your life. If you haven’t done so already, you can look back at your life in phases that lasted a couple years at a time, which Saturn probably had a hand in shaping. By noting which houses and planets Sagittarius affects in your natal chart, you can see which areas of your life will be affected by Saturn in the next two years.

To get your natal chart, just use this handy-dandy tool below.

For astrology beginners:

  • The numbers on the outside of the wheel represent the houses
  • And the arrows represent the beginning and end of each house.
  • The signs are are in the second innermost circle and the lines inside represent the degrees within them (each sign is 30°). The Sagittarius glyph ♐ is an arrow, since it is the Archer of the zodiac.
  • The planets are represented by the glyphs outside the astrology wheel, and the aspects between them are represented by the lines in the innermost circle. The Saturn glyph is represented by a cross and a sickle: 
  •  The AC and MC are points in the elliptical that indicate how you see and interact with the world and your career path/social image, respectively.

When Sagittarius falls in your:

saturn return meaningPin1st house: Saturn is or will be transiting your outward identity. If you don’t already feel the effects of Saturn on your perception of your own character and physical image, it will be brought to your attention in some way. Saturn will help you realistically reinvent any part of character and image that will help you reach your goals. If this transit causes you to become self-critical, take time to think about the things you love about yourself as well.

2nd house: Saturn will be transiting your house of money, self-worth and values. There may be a need to evaluate how satisfied you are with your financial situation, how much energy you put forth for it and if you agree with what you have done to get to where you are. Saturn can help you manage your finances, and can help you come up with a plan to get your financial situation to be where you want it.

3rd house: Saturn will be transiting your house of communication, short travel, siblings and neighbors. With Saturn here, you will feel more pressure to optimize your communication skills. This includes how you interact with people in person, over the phone or through email. You may also find ways to maximize your productivity so that your time is spent efficiently so that your mental output is well represented. Because Saturn slows down travel here, be prepared for delays.

4th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of home, family and emotional roots. You will be working on your inner identity or the role you fulfill within your family. Early conditioning will be brought to your attention. You might notice that there are some family-imposed or self-imposed limitations you have been okay with until now. Responsibilities at home and within the family may become too much for you to balance with the rest of your life, and it is time for you to cut out some of the responsibilities you have taken on.

5th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of creativity, romance, children, self-expression and fun pursuits. You will be working on how to best express your creativity and the parts of yourself that you are most proud of. Saturn will make you question if you are happy with your romantic situation, and help you evaluate if you need to improve it or change it. If you have a significant other or children, you may find that pressures from these relationships are harder contend to.

6th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of work routines, daily routines, acts of service and health. You may feel bogged down by pressures from work tasks, as you are asked to handle things more responsibly. Saturn in the 6th house will also inspire you to find a new health regimen if your current one does not serve you best. This is a transit that will prompt you to reorganize your schedule and routines to fit all your needs.

7th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of significant relationships, marriage and social contracts. At this time, close relationships will be evaluated. Faults within your romantic relationships and close friendships may be brought to the surface, and it is up to you and your partner to improve on them or to allow them to fester. If your relationship is built on a solid foundation, the art of compromise will be highlighted. If your relationship is in a honeymoon phase, you will start to see your significant other for who they really are.

8th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of sexual intimacy, trust, transformation, joint resources, legal issues and debt. This is a loaded house, I know. Saturn will bring up issues of sexual intimacy or desires that we may not have acknowledged. Shared financial resources will also be an area of concern, as you might be prompted to receive or give your share of resources. Debt and legal issues that might have been neglected previously may come to the surface.

9th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of higher education, teachers, travel and philosophies or beliefs. Sagittarius characteristics are at home in the 9th house. If you are well-versed in any subject, you may feel compelled to teach others. If you are lacking knowledge on a subject of interest, you may look into classes to further yourself. Your philosophies and beliefs may be tested, and you will become skeptical or solidify them with factual knowledge.

10th house: Saturn will be transiting your public image, career, job attainment and ambitions. Here you are given a chance to evaluate your career path and public image. If you are not where you want to be, your chances of working toward your ambitions at this time are heightened. Unfortunately, this won’t favor a spontaneous rise in career, but a steady approach will be embraced to gain the experience you need. You will be rewarded for your hard work as long as you have, in fact, been working hard. Additionally, Saturn will help you understand and surpass poor career decisions you have made.

11th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of friendships, networking connections, community,  goals and dreams. Saturn’s goal here is to help you realize how to reach your personal goals and dreams. Your friends and networks will be evaluated here. Do your contacts with people feel empty or fulfilling? If empty, you will resolve to fit in better with your friends or make new ones. You may also find satisfaction in joining a group with similar goals and interests, or finding ways to better contribute to your friends and community.

12th house: Saturn will be transiting your house of subconscious, unconscious, self-undoing and secrets. With this transit, you are forced to look at the culmination of your progress through all the houses. If any unnecessary habits or relationships end up lingering from our experiences in the other houses, we will be able to discard or fix them. Also, some of the feelings or secrets you have suppressed will come to your consciousness now – this may be dealt with best if you withdraw from others. All of this is done so that you can successfully start new endeavors when Saturn enters your First house.