Oooh, can you feel that expansion in the air?

After a long and murky (but actually pretty transformative) Scorpio Season, the energy of fire-sign Sagittarius has taken over. This week, Sun and Moon collide, as the New Moon rises at 23º of the sign of the centaur, at these times across the globe:

On December 14th:

  • 08:16 in Los Angeles
  • 11:16 in New York City
  • 16:16 in London
  • 17:16 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 18:16 in Moscow
  • 20:16 in Delhi
  • 23:16 in Hong Kong

On December 15th:

  • 00:16 in Tokyo
  • 02:16 in Sydney

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Now, is it just me, or does it seem like the last New Moon happened AGES ago?

Maybe it’s because fall and winter (in the Northern Hemisphere, where I’m at) is a time of release… the shedding of old leaves and the planting of deep roots – which is inherently a slow process, one that demands to move gradually.

And for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re leaving the stillness of winter behind, and transitioning into the fast-paced energy of life once more…

Regardless of where in the world you reside, this is a time of not only seasonal transition but also emotional and spiritual transition. And these transitions can be difficult… they can feel slow and even painful at times.

But transitions are a natural part of nature, life, and even the cosmos.

Like our moon for example. Her form is constantly changing in the night sky. And as her phases transition, we are likewise affected by her powerful energy of evolution.

And on December 14th/15th… she goes dark. Signaling to the rest of us that it’s time to go within, restore our energy levels, sit with our emotions, and start a new cycle. She’s inviting us into the dark with her… to dream, imagine, and sow seeds of intention.

While yes, freshly sown seeds hold potential that is truly magnificent… let’s not forget that New Moons are, at their very core, times of darkness and introversion.

See, this planetary aspect is like a contraction, a necessary squeeze before the expansion that follows. As ruler of this cycle, Sagittarius is ready to carry you on his wings! But first, the New Moon needs you to use this powerful astrology to release that burden that’s holding you back.

And although that potent Sag energy will give you the strength you need to release what’s no longer serving you, if you want an extra boost (to really be sure you can shake off all that 2020 baggage so you can thrive in 2021), you can click below to get our Ritual of Release.


This isn’t just any regular ‘ol New Moon… 

No, no, no… In total, we’re dealing with THREE very powerful solar alignments… the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, Venus sextile Jupiter, and Mercury trine Mars.

Here’s how each alignment will help you in the areas of luck, prosperity, adventure, LOVE, and confidence…

1. Sagittarius steals the show

Sagittarius is known for being playful, curious, and adventurous… and yes, full of constant movement.

Being a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is making this New Moon a time for epic change and transformation… and a time for being courageous in the face of the unknown that inevitably lies ahead of us. Not to mention, the Sag is a sharpshooter (and he doesn’t beat around the bush) so expect the areas of your life that have become stagnant to be (ever so bluntly) called out and brought into the light.

Sagittarius is very independent and doesn’t mind going solo on the quest for knowledge. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is likely to bring an insatiable thirst for knowledge and inner growth to you. This sign is happiest when taking action, so use this energy to your advantage and ask yourself…

Are you getting enough variety, difference, knowledge, and adventure in your life? If the answer is “no”, then it’s time to shake things up and make some splashes in your life.

See this planetary aspect like a contraction, a necessary squeeze before the expansion that follows. As ruler of this cycle, Sagittarius is ready to carry you on his wings! But first, the New Moon needs you to use this powerful astrology to release that burden that’s holding you back.

Say it with me: LET IT GOOOOOOO!

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2. Venus SEXtile Jupiter

This transit will be building off the happy-go-lucky vibes that Sagittarius has already brought to the table.

Venus rules over love, harmony, and relationships. While Jupiter is the master of luck, prosperity, and intellectual curiosity.

So basically, this transit means you’ll be feeling good, feeling lucky… and you’ll be chock-full of so much love and charisma that will 100% make you the hit of the party (or Zoom call, or group-chat, or whatever the kids are doing these days)…

It’s a good time to be social… and frankly, that includes being social… with your “special friend”… behind closed doors (if you know what I mean).

And let’s not forget that our friend, Jupiter, also rules over travel (long-distance travel to be exact), so if you have any holiday travels planned – this is a great time for them!

3. Mercury trine Mars bringing… murky waters?

This transit will bring lots of energy into your mental sphere (also adding on to the quick-paced energy of Sagittarius).

With Mercury ruling over communication and Mars ruling over passion (not to mention assertion)… expect this to be a really good time for quick thinking, adventurous decisions, and risky plans. Just remember that not everything is a competition, and not everyone is out to get you! The energy that this transit is bringing can make you prone to anger and loud outbursts… yikes!

Thank goodness we can lean on Venus’ good influence if (ahem, when) things start to get a little heated…

As ruler of the zodiac sign Libra, Venus brings harmony, diplomacy, and fairness. This planet knows how to smooth the edges, buffing away any friction and seeing the beauty in the imperfections. Harness her power if you feel like you need a harmonizing boost. But how?…

  • Carry rose quartz or opal. These crystals have a strong association with Venus and keeping them close will bring her power down to earth.
  • Wear copper jewelry. Again, copper is strongly associated with Venus, so adorning your body with this metal can serve as a kind of energetic armor, filling your auric field with the vibration of this harmonizing planet.
  • Or incorporate these elements, plus apples, bergamot, geraniums, and rose (all holding strongly Venusian energy) into your New Moon magic or ritual.

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But the best part of these cosmic alignments?… The friggin’ confidence it’s bringing with it! You’re likely to feel like you can take on the whole world (and you totes can!).

Make sure you find out which of your personal astrological houses is being activated by this New Moon (you can read more about how and where to do that through your natal chart HERE).

  • Is it your first house of self? Then the signs are there, that there’s a truth that you’ve been neglecting about yourself. Decide what you’re going to do about it.
  • Or does it sit in your sixth house of health, fitness, and systems? Then is this an area of your life that needs expansion, and an injection of some new, invigorated kind of knowledge?
  • Or maybe the New Moon falls in your eleventh house of groups, friends, community and collective pursuits? Where are you not stretching yourself and seeking to grow in these areas of your life?

You can be sure that this extra layer of insight into your horoscope will shift your lunar practice from guesswork to honed and aligned action.

Don’t have a lunar practice? This is the perfect time to begin one (Click below for the ultimate ritual to help you release 2020’s baggage before you launch into 2021)…




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