Despite being downgraded to dwarf planet status in 2006, Pluto remains one of the power-players in the solar system.

Pluto’s skill is digging deep and making profound and sub-strata changes, transformations that shake us to the very core. Pluto is the Roman counterpart to Hades, Greek God of the Underworld and these are the hidden realms we’re being asked to traverse when Pluto transits. Hell, there’s no more skipping around on the surface, reveling in the easy life! This planet draws us deep into the murky depths…

And whatever your personal horoscope says, it’s about to get personal.


April 27  – Oct 6, 2021

That’s right.

On April 27th, Pluto is planning to turn on its heels and kick into retrograde mode for the next 5 long months.

Now, on an ordinary day, Pluto has that divinely perfected skill of putting us face to face with our demons, our shame, and our guilt. Pluto knows just how to conjure up the perfect trigger that makes sitting pretty in our discomfort unavoidable. But it’s not a game – this planet of provocation isn’t playing with our emotions. This trickery happens to us because the God of the Underworld knows that the shadow side is the space where transformation happens. And there’s no avoiding it when Pluto decides to strike.

So when Pluto retrogrades… what then?

For a start, because this outer planet lies on the fringes of the solar system so appears to be so slow-moving, its retrograde period only covers three degrees. And takes its merry time getting there, spending about 40% of its time on this teensy backward turn. So the effects of this astrology are less likely to cause the obvious havoc and disruption that, say, Mercury retrograde does, and more likely to feel like the slow twist of a knife – resist and you’ll make it a whole lot worse.

Pluto retrograde gently destroys. In the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, he does this by revealing the shadow, the flaws in the system, and de-stabilizing from within. The method of this astrology looks a lot like revisiting past traumas (and the emotions that come with them). This could be people showing up from the past. Or situations rising that push you into unhealthy behavior patterns you thought you’d ditched a long time ago. Or maybe circumstances that show up your weakest spots, challenging that require you to overcome guilt, shame or feelings of disempowerment.

It could feel a lot like running the gauntlet, but don’t start blaming Pluto as the vicious taskmaster.

His utmost aim is to lift you out of your self-pity and smallness. He wants to rebirth you, letting you emerge from his underworld stronger, more complete and more powerful than before. And he believes you can do it.

So how the devil do we approach this turbulent time (and it’s a long old astrological stretch)?! Here are 21 ways to embrace the transformation, so by the time Pluto re-enters direct motion on October 2nd, you’ll there’ll be no stopping you!

1. Surrender

The Universe has an intelligence all of its own, and even though Pluto’s influence in your life might feel a lot like chaos at first, it isn’t. Your resistance to the transformation will only make the process harder, so it’s vital that you lean into what’s coming your way. Let it take hold.

2. Be Patient

A couple of weeks into this retrograde, you might already feel like you’re ready to rise, but Pluto won’t be done with you for a long while. Don’t expect that true new beginning to show for, hmm, a good few years. Remember how slowly Pluto moves? Unlike Pluto’s cousin, Uranus, the changes ushered in by this small but powerful planet won’t happen overnight, so settle that nervous system down. You just can’t rush astrology.

3. Willingly Leave that Comfort Zone

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The change you seek (and more to the point, the change that’s laid out for you in the Universe’s grand plan – and yes, you can be sure you’re in it) won’t happen when you’re sitting tight, in that zone of comfort. Leave willingly, or you’ll be kicked out when you’re least expecting it!

4. Don’t Second Guess Where You’re Headed

Sure, you’ve probably got a good idea of what you want life to look like and it’s great to have goals. But when Pluto plays its hand, you’re better off not trying to second guess the outcome.

5. Get Used to Feeling Uncomfortable

It always feels unsettling when the status quo starts to shift but it’s how the good stuff finds the way through! It’s been said that fear and excitement sit really, really close to each other on the scale of sensations. That rising heartbeat, that fine mist of sweat, that uneasy not-knowing what’s coming next… The next time you get the fear, try switching it in your mind, and telling yourself you’re excited for what the future holds.

6. Try Tapping (EFT)

…But if those nerves really start to fray, and anxiety takes grip, try tapping, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique. This is an ancient art of soothing the nervous system by tapping certain pressure points on the body in a certain sequence, combined with repeating a script which re-trains your mind not to respond to triggers. Google it – there are heaps of resources online.

7. Use Essential Oils

Another highly effective way to surrender to Pluto’s transformational effects, whilst strengthening your inner power. Try frankincense, which helps to stimulate and oxygenate the limbic system of the brain, helping you to relax, whilst feeling open to new possibilities.

8. Throw out what you don’t need

One of Pluto’s harshest (and most effective) tactics when it comes to transformation is to strip. you. back. This means ripping away anything that will no longer serve, as you step up onto that higher path. Mirror this in the physical world by clearing out the excess ‘stuff’ in your life.

9. Take Up Journalling

As Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto knows how to dig deep, and when moving retrograde Pluto will take you on a dive through the innermost reaches of your psyche. Start a journalling practice now, to sift through what you find.

10. Face up to your shadow side

Avoidance of the parts of yourself that you just don’t like won’t cut it under this astrology. You can’t hide from Pluto. So don’t even try. Face up your darkness. Look your embarrassment in the eye. Claim your shame! You are still an awesome human being!

11. Take Inspired Action (towards your dream)

As a Cardinal sign (along with Aries, Cancer, and Libra) Capricorn needs to be first off the marks. It struggles with inaction, so waiting around to see what Pluto dredges up from the murky depths can feel mighty frustrating (especially if you have a lot of cardinal energy already in your natal chart). So DO take carefully curated inspired action. Pluto’s whole purpose is to, ultimately, drive you towards yours.

12. Learn from others

If the effects of Pluto retrograde start spinning you out, look to others who have been through difficult circumstances and made it through to the other side. Read inspirational biographies, or follow social media accounts of people who are where you want to be.

13. …But Don’t get wrapped up in other’s stories

As soon as these people and their stories start taking you away from your own healing journey, it’s time to unfollow and unsubscribe!

14. Divine for the truth

As co-ruler of Scorpio (this Zodiac sign’s ancient planetary ruler was Mars), Pluto’s influence means that using the esoteric and mystical arts to deepen into your healing could lift you higher onto your Spiritual Path. Get a Tarot reading. Invest in a new oracle deck, or if you’re of Northern European descent, look into the runes.

14. Have a reading with a Professional Astrologer

This astrology affects everybody sightly differently, depending on our personal birth charts. Whether it sits in your first house (affecting your sense of self), crosses your natal moon (your emotional self) or aspects one of your personal planets will all be clear as day to a pro. So why not treat yourself and decode this star-map with someone who knows how?

15. Take Control of Your Investments

Because Saturn will also be moving retrograde (from May 11 – Sept 29) first through Aquarius, and then through the very same zodiac sign of Capricorn, this marks a highly auspicious time to take control of your money. Sure, we know Uranus moving through Taurus is all set to shake the financial world up (check that out here) but don’t use that as an excuse not to revisit what your money could be doing for you, long term (Capricorn’s favorite time frame!) Opening up a savings account for the kids or switching to a better interest rate (or simply stashing your spare change in a jam jar under the bed!) will all count to the future these planetary transits are gearing you up for.

16. Go Jewelry Shopping.

In Roman mythology, as well as being the purveyor of the Underworld, Pluto was the God of wealth. Why? Because of the precious gems and metals also found underground. Making this a fab time to go bargain shopping for your favorite rocks! (Just make sure they’re ethically sourced, ok?)

17. Get a Health Check

Had an achy back for just a little too long? Got a weird lump you’ve resisted getting looked at by a pro? Any planetary retrograde through an earth sign (that’s Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) creates the ideal conditions for examining the body just a little more deeply than normal. Pluto will be sure to uncover anything that needs uncovering. (Or not, and mind put at rest!)

18. Practice Deep embodiment

With the planet transiting this earth sign from 2008-2024, even if there’s nothing at all “wrong” with your body, use Pluto retrograde through Capricorn to deepen into your physical form, easing out those aches and stiff joints … before they bed-in and take root as something more serious.

19. Go to the Dentist

As ruler of bones and teeth, any planet in Capricorn activates the healing that can happen here. And if you need some, Pluto will show it up.

20. Make Peace With Past Relationships

Relationships are our greatest teachers. So much of our personal growth happens through them. And we’ve all got ones we’d rather forget! But here’s the thing about Pluto retrograde… if there’s still something you haven’t yet integrated from a past relationship, it will show up again now for a reckoning. This is your chance to make peace with it, so take it.

Need a little extra help? This article could help you unlock some of the patterns you keep repeating in your relationships. Plus it contains links to a selection of free Akashic Clearings to finally clear out these damaging behaviors for good).

21. Sleep

With SO much intense, powerful energy swirling around, sleep is one of the most healing and transformative gifts you can offer yourself. Get plenty. And be on form to act when you need to!

Be on alert for even more retrograde energy swirling through the cosmos very soon Saturn will also join the party on May 23, moving retrograde in Capricorn (this giant planet will move direct on October 11th, 2021).


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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