Pluto will station retrograde on April 27, 2021. And there it will remain until October 6, 2021… Yep, that’s 5 whole months of pure Pluto retrograde action. Yikes

Now while Pluto may not have the infamous reputation of Mercury, when it comes to retrogrades, trust me when I tell you that Pluto isn’t playing small. It’s here to unravel you from the inside out.

I know that sounds like a scene from a terrible horror movie so before you cringe too hard, let me explain…

What Pluto retrograde is really trying to tell you is that you need to stop looking “out there”.  Stop looking the other way! The answers you’re looking for are not out there, the problems you’re trying to fix cannot be fixed out there, the validation you seek cannot be found out there… and the solution to a more peaceful world is not out there…

It’s all within you. And Pluto is here to help you find it.

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The God of the Underworld Knows No Shadows…

Astrologers will tell you that retrogrades mean changing tack, reviewing progress, and pulling back on action. They turn the collective gaze inwards, and Pluto likes nothing better.

In fact, Pluto lives in the shadows. And because of that, Pluto loves pulling our demons, our shame, and our guilt and putting us face-to-face with them. Pluto pulls things from the depths… the places you don’t dare to look… and brings them up to the surface, forcing you to examine them.

Shadows. Limiting beliefs. Fears. Demons. Cultural conditioning. Skeletons in your closet.

It ALL sounds super terrifying! But before you go hide under a rock for the next 5 months, let’s reframe this tale of doom and gloom to the beautiful story of transformation that it really is…

Pluto doesn’t put us in front of our shadows because he enjoys torturing us… no, no, no. Pluto does it because he understands a pivotal truth of mankind… Which is, true transformation can’t happen until we explore our shadows.

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The Rising of the Pheonix

The truth is that if you leave your ‘shadow side’ unaddressed… if you let it run rampant without checking in on it every now and then… then life will begin to feel chaotic and stressful. You’ll be more prone to things like overwork, overwhelm, sickness, low self-esteem, low self-worth, and the laundry list of other low-vibrational ailments…

Because where the shadow is ruling, the sun cannot shine. Basically, when your shadow side is running the show, it keeps you from ‘living your best life’. Which is no fun at all, is it?

So this 5 month period of self-reflection, inner work, and transformation is actually a good thing. Because, just like the Pheonix, when you allow yourself to crumble into ashes… you will rise up stronger, more beautiful, and more powerful than ever before.

To help you thrive through this period of transformation, our Ritual of Release Guide might be just what you need. Get it here.

Pluto retrograde is here to help you fix YOURSELF. Will you answer the call?