If you’re a royal fan, you probably love seeing the picture-perfect family go about their royal duties. But sometimes, it’s nice to know that they are real people!

And their authenticity was shown last week when Prince William revealed a tidbit about his children.

In his new documentary, Prince William: A Planet for Us All, the Prince opened up about the personalities of his children. After being asked, “Is Princess Charlotte cheekier than Prince George?” by a little girl during a tour of a Liverpool school, the Prince’s reply surprised his audience.

“No, they’re about as cheekier as each other,”

While we could have expected Prince George to show his crabby Cancer side from time to time, it’s Princess Charlotte’s stubborn Taurean vibes that probably made us all think the younger of the two heirs would test her parents more.

But it’s a comment that a royal insider gave US Weekly which perhaps gives a little more insight into Charlotte’s astro-bull influence. “Charlotte knows she’s a princess and already has a toy tiara, which she loves wearing,” the source revealed.

Taurean Children

If you know a Taurus child or you have one yourself, you probably know that stubbornness and materialistic tendencies are par for the course. But so too are some endearing traits. Taurean children are strong, self-assured and determined.

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