Summary By The Numerologist Team, based on Kelli Fox’s video.

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This week’s favorable cosmic alignment promises to be epic!

The two titan planets Jupiter and Saturn, finally move into revolutionary Aquarius. It will cause huge shifts in energy. We are now entering the final days of the year, and with two massive planets stirring up Aquarian energies, themes such as freedom, humanitarianism, and equality will be on top of everyone’s mind. Since Jupiter and Saturn are settled in one sign, it will be a push and pull. Saturn’s limiting effects will tone down expansive Jupiter. But Jupiter’s Promethean power will still be significantly felt by everyone. Any changes will occur gradually. Lucky breaks and lessons come hand-in-hand.

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With Aquarius at the center of the cosmic play, tap into your brainiac and seize any opportunity to soak up knowledge! Be a humanitarian and extend a hand to someone in need.

But the top priority is to learn the value of freedom. With Saturn reaching its end days in Capricorn, expect lessons to be learned on the limits of freedom.

Significant Aquarius placements on your birth chart make you the luckiest zodiac native! Your growth and success in the next weeks will be ginormous. It might be the windfall of your life!

The Solar Eclipse, dotting the cosmic horizon, will bring power, long-lasting changes, and knowledge. Examine your beliefs and see if they still hold water. A critical question to ask is how you handle freedom. What are you willing to trade to get the benevolence of the universe?

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Eclipses will literally eclipse certain things in your life. It can be a painful process. But something new will fill the empty spaces, which promises to be bigger and better. Since the solar eclipse is in Sagittarius, it is a time for some serious mind expansion. Knowledge can be gained in various places, such as your interactions with others. Share what you know too!

Venus settles with Sagittarius as well, so romantic relationships are a platform for growth and expansion.

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Mercury in Capricorn helps ground the idealism floating around this week. It is crucial to test and analyze these ideas and how it holds up in practical terms.

Overall, expect your life to change in the next few months. Keep your cool since it can be mind-blowing. But when doors of opportunity open, pick your options wisely. Receive the knowledge of the cosmos and use it when you make that big decision.

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