Hello Everyone. I’m in the process of moving after 25 years at the same place! So me and Jupiter have something in common – we’re moving. Moving is a big deal. It changes your senses. It makes you rethink things. It gives you a chance to get rid of things you’ve thought about doing but now you finally do it. It’s a time to envision how this next stage of your life is going to be like, and plan accordingly. And so as Jupiter leaves the air sign Libra and moves into the water sign of Scorpio our good luck and expansion energy for the next 13 months is about to significantly change.

From Libra Into Scorpio

Libra is about balance, partnership, beauty and harmony. Air signs are intellectual and use their minds for their primary way of making decisions and seeing things. Libra likes things light and airy and happy. Scorpio has a whole different take on things. Scorpios rule the underworld, ruled by Pluto the transformer, the phoenix rising from the ashes. they dig deep, look at their dark side, explore it with wonder and amazement, and looks at every single detail and examines it with precision and catalogues it all for future use.

You can see the energy is shifting a lot! Jupiter’s home sign is Sagittarius, a fire sign with lots of energy, a love of adventure and travel and higher learning, but also spirituality. These qualities follow Jupiter where ever she goes. So when she comes to visit Scorpio land, she comes to explore it, learn from it, have fun doing it – but ultimately there is a spiritual bent here. It’s about spiritual connection and growth.

Jupiter Means More

Jupiter is expansion, making something bigger – more of something. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, so your ascendant will tell us what house Jupiter is affecting at this time. For example Jupiter will move into my 4th house on Tuesday October 10th and stay there 13 months. Fourth house is where you live!

So I’m moving. I will probably move into a place bigger than I have now, because Jupiter is about bigger, more and expansion. I will probably have more social gatherings at home than usual and have lots of visitors coming by. My home will be the center of social activity and it should be a good year of friend and family interactions.

Which House Is Jupiter In For You?

  1. If Jupiter is in your first house, careful, you might eat too much and put on a few pounds.
  2. In your second house, this could be a windfall year or in some way your finances get better.
  3. In the 3rd house expect to take a lot of short trips, like weekends, and talk to your friends and family more than usual.
  4. 4th house indicates expanding your domestic life and home. Social gatherings, visitors to your house, and other home-based activities will also expand.
  5. In the 5th house expect a big romance to come along, or your creativity will soar. You kids might grow in number too.
  6. In the 6th house there might be a lot of responsibility required of you, people asking you for help and favors. Be sure to say yes as much as you can because this is building up your good karma, just don’t make it so much you can’t enjoy your own life too.
  7. In the 7th a business or romantic partnership might solidify – marriages and mergers time.
  8. In the 8th house you might get an inheritance or a very steamy romance.
  9. In the 9th, Jupiter’s home, you could go back to college, travel the world and grow spiritually like you haven’t before.
  10. In the 10th house of career, this is your year to become a workaholic and succeed.
  11. In the 11th your friends, parties, and social life will include new friends will be the theme.
  12. And finally Jupiter in your 12th house is about exploring your hidden side, seeing yourself fully as you are – good and bad, warm and cold, kind and selfish, and balancing those qualities because we need both sides to survive.

But for everyone there is a sense of letting go to regenerate and become someone new and better. Soul searching and looking within is the theme here.

Spiritual Growth Gets A Boost

This is a great year to make meditation a part of your daily routine. It’s a time for spiritual growth because its trine Neptune and Sextile Pluto, all good aspects. The Neptune trine will also encourage compassion within us, moving from selfishness and mean spirited thinking to “we are all in this together and we must care about our fellow man.” Water and Earth signs benefit the most from this aspect, with Earth signs also being less hard line and more compassionate. Air and Fire signs will be less self absorbed and again, open their hearts to others.

Be Kind To One Another

All in all, Jupiter in Scorpio encourages us to see each other with flaws and greatness alike. It’s time to be kind. It’s time to care about your neighbor. Its time to make the world a better place for everyone by demanding compassion and fairness from our society and its structures. Try to take the high road whenever you can and be kind, compassionate and caring and you will know you are on the right path.

About Yvonne Walker

Yvonne Walker, Astrologer/Life Coach/Tarot Reader, has been guiding people for 35 years. Using astrology as the key to your life’s plan, she can point you toward your planned destiny. She also consults with businesses helping them hire the right people, plan important moves, nurture the company, etc. She is also completing a novel about the spiritual adventures of a universal Light Being. Connect with Yvonne at TheAstroHealer.com.

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