Hello again numerologist community,

October is here and so is a brand new vedic astrology forecast from our resident astrologer, Sam Geppi.

October 2013 should be very interesting, with a lunar eclipse in Aries, underscoring large themes of self-reliance, confidence and discipline.

A new cycle of organization and precision begins with the new Moon in Virgo on October 4. Virgo is the sign where we organize our internal world, then emulate that externally. This is a good time for housecleaning, and general purification. However, be careful of excessive fussiness and nitpicking.

This New Moon happens in the Nakshatra of Hasta, symbolized by an open hand. This denotes both attachment and detachment at the same time. Put attention toward what you want to manifest, but then accept the results of those actions.

Make sure to make October a challenging yet enlightening month! Check out the video below for Sam’s forecast.

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The Numerologist Team