New moon in AquariusPin

Just two weeks ago we experienced that incredible total lunar eclipse, penned by NASA as the “Super Blue Blood Moon” in the sign of Leo.  In just a couple of days’ time, on the 15th Feb at 01:05 PST / 21:05 GMT, at 27º of its opposite sign of Aquarius, the Sun will be partially eclipsed.

To decode what this means for you, read on…

South Node – Letting Go of the Past

Eclipses always come in pairs, one at the North Node and one at the South.  The progressive, evolutionary Leo eclipse of 31st Jan fell just 3º from the North Node, encouraging us to forge ahead, manifest change, and create collective growth.

Now, two weeks on, the Moon has spiralled halfway around the Earth and sits closer to the South Nodal point.

This is interesting.

It lends a completely different energy to this cosmic event, because as Sun and Moon come together in an act of re-birth, as happens at each New Moon, we’re being asked to re-visit the past.

The South Node represents our stories.  Where we’ve come from, what happened to get us where we are today, and what is still connecting us to the past.  But it’s also more than this – it’s a point of limitation, of habits and patterns that prevent us from moving on.  Personally, it reveals what’s tying you down.  What is keeping you stuck and small and unable to realize your potential.

* On a side note, it’s a really good idea to look at your personal chart and see where your Natal South (and North) Nodes are, as this can reveal a lot about your own restrictive tendencies.

But relative to this eclipse, do make sure check out which of your houses 27º of Aquarius sits in, as this will highlight which portion of your life is calling for your attention and could be in for a bit of a shake up!

For example – If it falls in your 1st house of self, appearance and personal attitudes to life, then look at what old patterns you may be carrying around with you, preventing you from expressing yourself authentically to the world. Or perhaps it falls in your 10th house of career, success and achievement.  What outmoded, limiting beliefs do you cling onto which prevent you from excelling professionally?  What experiences have you had which mean you are sabotaging your own success?

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse demands that you deal with these thoughts, patterns and personal assumptions about life, before moving on.  What are those age-old stories you keep telling yourself over and over?  What mis-truth is standing the way of you reaching that peak, and living the life you are supposed to be living?

It’s time to make up a new tale, and re-write the narrative to your life!

Jupiter Squares Moon & Sun – Expand your Horizons

At the time of this Eclipse, Jupiter sits at 22º of Scorpio, squaring Sun and Moon and creating the perfect opportunity for you to grow.  Jupiter expands all that it touches, which means that the changes you usher in, and the commitments you make to letting go of the past and building a bold, bright future will be cosmically supported.

This is your time to shine!

Aquarius energy encourages expression, movement, fearless truth telling and liberation.  Jupiter in Scorpio provides the deep courage and expansive impulse to make this possible!

Aquarius – Liberate Yourself!

Aquarius is the 11th zodiacal house, a master number which aligns perfectly with the numerology of this 11 Universal year. So with both solar and lunar energy being fuelled by this sign right now, this Eclipse is your launch pad.

Your uniqueness, your originality, your ideas, your weird and wacky thoughts, are ALL needed to be expressed, and now is the perfect moment to practice.

Here are a few ways to activate your own flavour of Aquarius energy, align with this powerful eclipse, and make the unleashing of your wild, unique truth possible (and even enjoyable!)


Move the chi through you body, stretching and smoothing out physical blocks to clear your energetic channels and allow inspiration to flow.

Turn off distractions.

Shut down the computer, turn off your phone and allow stillness and space to surround you.  There’s no way to tap into your truth if all you are doing is listening to everybody else’s.

Prioritize whatever YOU most need to do.

How do you feel today?  What do you need to do, to feel better than you do already?  Think about it, really tap into your innermost needs.  Do you need to sleep? Eat? Fast? Sit in the park and read a book?  Go for a swim? Tend to your most basic needs, and you’ll liberate your essence.

Let yourself change.

You’re always changing.  Everybody is.  What felt good yesterday may feel boring today, what was new and fresh last week may feel like a bad decision this week.  Let yourself change, and embrace your differences – it’s a sign that you’re growing.

Don’t hold back… unshackle yourself from the past and leap headfirst into the future, the planets are aligned to show you the way.

Eclipse blessings!