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The moon is a mysterious entity indeed, and even the unromantic can’t deny the serenity and the beauty it exudes. But it’s not just its appearance which makes the moon so special. The cycle of the moon reflects the energies felt by all of us here on Earth. This New Moon Ritual can help you embrace the Moon’s karmic energy.

What makes us vulnerable to the cycle of the moon?

1. The Moon & Water

The first aspect is that the Moon’s effects on water. You probably know that the cycle of the Moon has a huge influence on the tidal patterns of the world’s oceans. But did you know that our water-filled bodies can be affected in much the same way? The ebbing and flowing of our energy, thoughts and feelings can move in line with the lunar cycle.

2. The Moon & Karmic Living

The second aspect is the fact that the cycle of the Moon is synonymous to our life, our karmic living. As the Moon wanes and depression sets in, at the lowest point with no light in it, it gathers all its strength to manifest the fullness again.

It discards the karmic residues when in its “no-shining” state, and as it reaches into the void of the unknown, it revels in the mysteries that have been revealed to it; now it knows how to create the fullness, how to reach the light that burns bright from within.

The Moon tells us quite frankly, and with its own example again and again, that everything is changeable and everything is attainable, even if we’re in our most depressed, most difficult state!

The Power of New Moon Energy

Each moon phase has a definite and specific power, but for now, let’s discuss the effect of New Moon energy and how can we utilize this energy to work on our karma fast… so we can start manifesting fast.

The New Moon is the darkest phase of the Moon, where we can’t see any light. It represents both the difficult state of our mind, thoughts and emotions, as well as the womb. So, healing and creation, karma offloading and manifestation are bound together.

It seems a little complicated but when we tune in to the energy of the New Moon, we find that it’s an opportunity of a lifetime because of its potency and power. We are given an opportunity here to release the difficulties, blocks, obstacles and issues from our life, from us, and also to manifest what we desire.

There has been much written about how to manifest during New Moon, but always forgotten is the fact that our karmic energy – which creates obstacles in every way possible, holding us from the right action, right time or right ideas – has to be released & healed first. Which is why even after many manifesting rituals on the eve of New Moon, many of us are still struggling to manifest!

Let’s then walk the first path of karmic release, so the second one of successfully attracting our desires opens to us automatically. Let’s heal our negative karma on the day of New Moon.

When you do this ritual, you need to believe in yourself and the energy of New Moon; only then will this technique flower and show its magical powers.

New Moon Ritual to release Karma on New Moon evening

Tools to use

  • Light violet/lilac color paper
  • scarlet colored ink
  • a bowl (not to be used for anything else)
  • water
  • salt
  • your total one-pointedness (concentration)

The New Moon Ritual

  • Put water and salt in the bowl (add enough of each so you can submerge your paper).
  • Sit in front of the altar or your sacred space.
  • Close your eyes & focus on your breathing.
  • When you feel relaxed and calmer, ask yourself what issues you have right now in your life. It could be a person’s nastiness, your fear and self-doubt, or it could be your anger or inability to take action.
    • Analyze them from a standpoint of a third party, not getting yourself involved. You will start finding a clarity here.
    • If it’s difficult to analyze, then just start writing as suggested below
  • Every month when you continue this ritual (it works its magic when done consistently), always try to analyze first and then move to the next step.
  • Now using the scarlet colored ink, write in the light violet sheets as indicated below,

To the powerful energy of transformation of my New Moon Goddess,

I call & request your mighty healing power to heal & eradicate all karmic beliefs,

thoughts & emotions within me. Let me see things, people and situations clearly without judgment.

Please heal away the karmic energy which is creating obstacles in [add your obstacles]

  • Now fold the paper and keep it on your left palm, covering both of them with your right palm.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, the space between your brows.
  • Keep your breathing deep and slow.
  • Visualize the whitish-blue energy of the moon at your third eye.
  • Then call upon the New Moon energy while focusing on the third eye, say internally or loud, “I request you, my Moon Goddess, to shower your energy on me and my life so that all my karmic difficulties, issues and obstacles are removed from my brain, my mind, thoughts and emotions and thus from my life. Let me manifest my divine destiny of abundance, prosperity and happiness. Amen and so it is.”
  • As you say it out loud, visualize energy going out from your palms/palm chakras to the letter you have written to her.
  • Feel the draining of all negative karma from you, feel the lightness within.
  • Open your eyes and put the paper in the salt water.
  • Keep the bowl out outside covered with paper, a thin cloth or mesh (no birds or insects should feed on that) for 2 consecutive nights
  • On the third evening, either flush the paper with the salt water or dig a space in the ground and bury the paper while flushing out the water, knowing that your karmic difficulties are being taken care of.

Do this New Moon Ritual every New Moon along with any manifestation ritual you have and you’ll see the results are faster and things will be easier for you. This ritual also helps in lessening pain and fatigue from our body

Do let me know how you feel about this New Moon Ritual and this beautiful facet of the New Moon in the comments below.