New Moon in Leo – Love, Luck & Prosperity

Make A Wish! Saturday’s New Moon in Leo Brings More Love, Luck, & Prosperity.


Talk about a lucky Summer! There’s a whole lotta love in the heavens now and you’re invited to the party.

First there was our jackpot month of July with THREE 7-7-7 days (July 7, July 16, and July 25), then there was Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, doing it’s once-a-year transition into Leo, an exuberant sign of joy, manifestation, and self-expression. Jupiter gives an abundance boost to anything it touches.

Then, on July 26th (Saturday) comes the new moon in Leo and she’s a shiny one. New moons are the most fertile time for setting your intentions for the month ahead. As the moon waxes, your wishes come to light. This month, you’ll have an extra boost of positive energy as Jupiter adds its potent juju to the mix.


Here’s how to make the most of this new moon’s powerful energy:

Make play a priority: Leo’s symbol is the lion and these big kitty cats love to frolic! They also love to cuddle, explore and have adventures. If you want more joy in your life you need to take time every day for fun. You’ll feel lighter and happier and attract more positive people as a result.

Be Creative: Have you ever had that experience when you are in “the zone”? When you enjoy yourself so much that time disappears and your absorbed in the now? That happens when you’re exercising your imagination and tuning into the divine. You are a powerful co-creator of your reality. The more you expand your imagination, the greater your ability to create the life of your dreams. Make sure to do something creative every day and your life will be infinitely enriched.

Shine like the sun: Leo is ruled by the sun and reminds you to light up the world! There is nothing conceited or arrogant about shining brightly; it is an act of love. Just as the sun gives us warmth and life with its radiance, others will benefit from your light.


With our radiant Sun, magnificent moon, and joyful Jupiter in luminous Leo, you have no excuses to keep yourself small. If there are words unspoken, creativity unexpressed, or adventures unexplored – now is time to make it happen!

Live large. Love with all your heart. ROAR!

Love and lion-hearts,

P.S. It just so happens this lucky streak will continue. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Art by xlrs.

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