With double sextiles between Mercury and Saturn and Venus and Jupiter on Saturday, your ability and determination to get things done will be supercharged today. But not only that, this cosmic alignment will actually help you make light work of anything that would normally hold you back. All you’ll see is solutions and progress today!

But to truly get the most out of the day, why not get to the bottom of what’s holding you back, so you can really make sh*t happen?

Enter, the ultimate astrology hack…

Do you ever feel like you want to activate some real change in your life, but you somehow can’t figure out how to actually start making waves?

Well, it could be time turned your gaze towards the realms of your personal astrology…

Unless you’ve actually had your natal chart drawn up, or got a reading with a professional astrologer, chances are your Sun sign (AKA Horoscope) is where your astrology knowhow ends. But once you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize that your personal astrology does a whole lot more than paint a pretty picture – the planetary placements at the time of your birth create a kind of personal workforce, a team of allies with particular strengths and talents that you can call on at any time, to get you where you want to in life!

Oh hey there, Mars


Mars is a fighter.

And as the Roman God of War, this red hot rock is brimming with powerful go-get-em yang energy, exactly the kind of energy you feel when you’re fired up, passionate and energized about something you believe in. No other planet has this kind of zeal and fervor. But it’s the exact position of Mars in your chart, that reveals the way this energy wants to move through you.

Because that’s the key, right…?

Unless that inner passion and fire are channeled properly, it can quickly erupt into frustration and anger, or seep away as nervous tension.

SO… if you wanna start getting sh*t done, checking out your natal Mars sign is the place to start!

First, find out which zodiac sign Mars was transiting when you were born.

Where Can you Find a Free Astrological Birth Chart?

It’s really easy to find a free astrological birth chart online. Our sister site, ATV has a great one.

Once you’ve deciphered your natal Mars sign, read on to find out how to hack this valuable piece of your astrology and start finally creating waves in your life…!

Mars sign Aries

PinBorn with Mars in the Zodiac sign of Aries (so-called “domicile”, as Mars is Aries’ ruling planet) you need to lead. Taking a back seat and allowing others to take the reins is never going to get you anywhere. And the frustration of being ushered into making mistakes that you could see coming see a mile away will destroy you if you don’t switch up the power dynamics in your life!

BUT… keeping momentum is not the strong suit of Mars in Aries. This fire sign gives the red planet an impetuous edge that needs to be conquering new ground, not sifting through what’s been left in your wake. So the second monotony hits, your concentration escapes you, and you’re looking for the next challenge.

Don’t fight it!

Ensure you have a team on hand (failing that, an action plan) that will support you through entire processes, or you may just end up with a string of unfinished business behind you.

Mars sign Taurus

PinBorn with Mars in the Zodiac sign of Taurus, you’re someone who needs routine to get things done. And not only that – preparation is key, so you’ll need a good breakfast, your bag packed the night before and a to-do-list ready in your hand before you can even think of the demands of the day. Sure, it’s not glamorous but it’s how you’ll stay productive. And with Mars in earth sign Taurus, it’s slow and steady wins the race. Every time.

You’ll also need a plan.

Making decisions on the hoof will leave you flustered, and potentially making the wrong ones. With Venus (Taurus’ ruling planet) at odds with the red rock’s energy, too much dynamism in your life could actually backfire… but on the other hand, be sure to check in with yourself regularly: are you being stubborn and bullheaded for the sake of it? Would a little shakeup do you good?

Mars sign Gemini

PinBorn with Mars in Gemini, you’re someone who’ll make it big through your powers of negotiation.

This breezy, quick-witted air sign knows how to talk the talk so once you’ve worked out what you want, it’s only a conversation or two away!

But with the speed and mental prowess of ruling planet Mercury, you’re also likely to be someone who’s easily distracted. Your magpie mind can’t keep still for any length of time! So delegation and teamwork are your secret weapons – with Mars in mutable Gemini, you’ll come into your true power when you’re surrounded by folks who can do the legwork in life, whilst you’re free to be flexible, moving around between them, keeping the big picture in mind.

Mars sign Cancer

PinBorn with Mars in Cancer, you’re not someone who copes under pressure. Or the ego-driven desire to succeed, gain recognition or notoriety.

In fact in Moon-ruled Cancer, the red planet is in his “fall” which means this placement’s not all happy camping – Mars is being forced to navigate the flow and flux of emotional sensitivity (not an activity of choice!)

So what to do?!

Well, make yourself comfortable. Create a nest from which to work. Create boundaries (which are as much about stating what you need, as drawing a line in the sand against what you don’t)
And trust your gut. With this fiery planet in water sign Cancer, always trust your gut – it will never lie.

Mars sign Leo

PinBorn with the red rock in sun-ruled Leo, you need to find things you’re passionate about! There are a lot of things you love – life probably feels like a playground to you most of the time, but true passion’s what you need to uncover to incite real action in the world.

You’re also likely to be someone who needs (like fellow fire sign Aries) to be in the lead. Unless you’re being followed by an entourage of adoring fans, life probably feels pretty dull. But knowing this motivates one great Mars in Leo astrology hack: If you want to succeed, find yourself an audience!

We all know you’d never let them down!

Mars sign Virgo

PinBorn with Mars in the zodiac sign of Virgo, you need to scrutinize. Unless all of the details are honed and sharpened, you’re unlikely to be able to get a plan off the ground. Research is your middle name.

But Mars in Virgo also needs to get their hands dirty! Brimming with mutable energy (like astrology cousins Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces) you need to see change happening before your eyes – too much delay and you start twitching. So take action where you see it.

This earth sign’s only downfall is potential perfectionism and making too-high demands of others (which they’ll inevitably fail to meet). So however counterintuitive it feels, trying a little less hard to reach perfection, may actually cause you to find it!

Mars sign Libra

PinBorn with Mars sign Libra, you probably feel like your warrior instinct for getting things done behaves a bit like a swinging pendulum – one minute you’re all bright ideas and full steam ahead, but the next you’re looking around for confirmation from other people that you’re doing the right thing. Sitting opposite the sign of Mars’ rulership – Aries – air sign Libra also puts the red planet in his “detriment”.

But being aware of this tendency to wobble gives you strength!

Your key to achievement is taking the middle road – compromising, collaborating and walking the fine line between what you need and what serves the greater good.

Mars sign Scorpio

PinBorn with Mars in Scorpio, there are absolutely no half measures – to get where you want to go in life, you’ll need to get obsessed. It’s unlikely anyone else will match up to your crazy-determined work ethic so you should probably plan on going it alone when it comes to work and achievements.

With this astrology, you’ll get what you want, whatever the cost.. but if you still want to have friends around as you’re surveying the view from the top, you’ll need to work that compassion muscle. Otherwise, with Mars in this sign of the Zodiac, manipulation of others could come far too easy…

Mars sign Sagittarius


Born with Mars in the fire sign of Sagittarius, you need to feel free! This adventurous energy needs to keep moving, so to motivate change and start getting to where you want to be in life, it’s time to get up out of that comfort zone and shake it up a little!

Whether it’s through travel, hot-desking or just meeting new people every day, variety will invigorate your free-spirited side and it’s from here that you’ll succeed. This Jupiter-ruled sign also needs to aim high so give your ambitions a boost. Stop playing so small – Mars sign Sagittarius needs to expand!

Mars sign Capricorn

PinBorn with Mars in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, you need to be playing the long game. Like fellow earth sign Taurus, slow and steady wins the race but so does strategy. Working out your long-term plans will serve you well – not only will you know your efforts are leading you in the right direction, but an end in sight is exactly what this sign needs, to channel Mars’ firey strength!

Not that you’ll ever need to try to hard to get things done in your life, Mars sign Capricorn (why are you even reading this?) This astrology seems to magnetize success – you’re one of the lucky ones!

Mars sign Aquarius

PinBorn with the red planet in this forward-focused sign, you’re someone who has a super-modern outlook. Likely to feel frustrated by outmoded technology and tired old protocols (if anyone hates a slow wifi connection, it’s a Mars in Aquarius!) you need innovation. Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus is the great awakener of the Zodiac – to get anything done in life, you need to be inciting change and progress!

So give yourself a social cause to champion, an underdog to fight for, or a team to lead into revolution, and you’ll achieve anything!

Mars sign Pisces

PinBorn with Mars under the water sign Pisces, you need to act creatively. As soon as your artistry is stifled, the going gets tough so to make progress in life, you need to indulge your inner muse.

It’s not the fame or the glory that motivates someone with this astrology. It’s the spiritual evolution coupled with the creative expansion of discovering more about life, the Universe and everything.

But in this Pisces haze, it could be hard for you to actually put your feet on the ground and start running. So consider enlisting the support of an earth-signed ally (someone with Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn in their natal charts would be perfect) – someone to create the container and structure you need, to get to work.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your natal Mars sign? What are your favorite tips for getting motivated and ticking off your to-do-lists?

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