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Our lady Luna rules the emotional realms

She tugs at our feelings, our sensitivities and instinctive reactions to the world around us. She also powers up our intuition, forming a pathway through the veil. This ancient Goddess of embodiment can also make the subtle landscape of our physical bodies rise and fall, feel soothed or inflamed, depending on how she calls to your uniqueness.

The Moon spends between 1-4 days at a time in a single zodiac sign.

Some folks are highly attuned to her celestial shifts, and some rarely feel them at all. But as a collective, the current Moon sign has a definite, though subtle influence on the energetic climate of our days. So alongside the Sun sign knowing what the current Moon sign is, will help you navigate her waters SO much more smoothly…

In today’s collective horoscope the Moon moves through Capricorn, the hard-working, tenacious and far-sighted zodiac sign of the sea-goat.

This is a head-down-and-carry-on Moon sign, which encourages us to make the hard climb to the top. A Capricorn Moon that gives us stamina, strength, and commitment to the long game. Which makes it a great couple of days to put the hard work in, to tackle long-term plans and ambitions.

  • What are your long-term career goals?
  • And what’s your strategy to get there?
  • What about your financial investments?
  • Your money goals for the next 5 years, 10 years, and beyond?

These may not be the most glamorous of questions to tackle, but under Capricorn’s watchful eye, this Moon provides the self-discipline and restrained emotional involvement to make those decisions wisely. And make them we must! As a cardinal sign (like Aries, Cancer and Libra) Capricorn is determined and resolute. Under this astrology, you’ll start feeling frustrated if you can’t feel at least a little progress in the air. And with ruling planet Saturn knocking at the door, this Moon sign won’t wait.

Rule With Your Head Not Your Heart

Not the most emotionally expressive of signs, expect to be ruled by the intellect today, rather than the ebb and flow of your feeling body. It’s not uncommon for the weight of responsibility to hang heavy under a Capricorn Moon – your duties and the expectations of others could loom large, so try to keep the demands you face in perspective. That said, as one of the most self-reliant Moon signs, Capricorn will help you to handle whatever life throws at you.

Ground Into Nature

As an earth sign (along with Taurus and Virgo) one of the best ways to harness this Moon’s positive energy (and stay as light-footed as the trusty goat!) is to ground into nature. Walks in the wild, especially up high where the views are wide and breath-taking, will be best, to sooth and soften any hard edges.

Some stargazers find they are physically affected by a Capricorn Moon sign. As ruler of the bones and teeth, today is one of the very best days to think about re-mineralization and the various ways you can support your hard-working skeletal system. If you suffer from stiff joints, taking the right supplements and therapies will be especially beneficial today.

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