Usually, when we speak about planetary aspects with Mars, we have to watch our step (ya know, Mars can be a trouble-maker). But when Mercury squares the planet of war, things get a little more… interesting.

Mercury Square Mars Transit

Mercury is the ruler of communication so when he teams up with Mars, you need to watch what you say – BIG time! You may be quick to jump to (negative) conclusions, be aggressive and err on the short-tempered side.

Rushing in and a heightened desire to argue your point may cause friction in your relationships.

If you need to make an important decision – today is not the day!

Curb Your Overthinking

Make sure you find outlets for your frustrations. Move your body and in turn, you’ll shake off the tense vibes of the day.

A transit of Mercury square Mars can result in too much thinking. It may influence you to become short-tempered as well as aggressive. It is possible for you to rush your decisions and jump to conclusions. You might be saying the wrong thing every time. Because of this, there will be numerous disagreements, arguments, and even open hostility in your life.

During this transit, it is also possible for your personal relationship to suffer. Other areas of your life can also be problematic. During your interactions with other people, the secret is to listen cautiously and think twice before speaking or expressing yourself. Since you are likely to be irritable as well as touchy, those around you can pick up this frequency and become aggressive as well.

Don’t Make Big Decisions

It is not a good time to make big decisions or enter into negotiations or collaborations. If it is critical for you to attend to crucial business matters or legal ones, you must seek the guidance of a professional. Studying and paperwork may suffer from your fluctuating nature. But it is critical that you do not bury your frustrations nor restrict your high energy. There are some things you can do to express this hard to pin down energy safely.

You Could Find It More Difficult If…

Your personal astrology actually has a lot to do with how you’ll experience today (well, every day really!). Unfortunately, if you’re one of the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, today might hit you harder than the other signs.

These signs will likely live to regret the hasty actions they take today. So, if you’re a mutable sign, don’t make any decisions today if you don’t need to. In fact, you have our permission to take it easy and do nothing today!

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But this collective forecast is only part of your story…

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What does Mercury square Mars mean in the natal chart?

Mercury square Mars in the birth chart indicates a number of tests and challenges that you will be undergoing in your life, which is rooted in your mental life. You are a person who rationalizes things easily, so there is not enough time for you to think things through, such as whether you are right or wrong. As a result of your speedy decision-making, you can suddenly say things that others may find explosive. They might think you’re overly aggressive and even argumentative. Because of this, misunderstandings will only add to your frustration and raging temper. It is a vicious cycle where your destructive instincts continue to escalate.

You are an individual who has a strong need for independence. And it shows through with your lack of inhibition and passionate beliefs. You also have a type of cynicism that can add fuel to an already raging conflagration. You tend to be gritty, courageous, and have an ever-ready fighting spirit which can exacerbate problems. In many cases, your sharp wit and barbed tongue can get you in trouble. In many cases, other people find you hostile and unsympathetic to their apprehensions and concerns.

Likewise, you may also be subjected to aggression and hurtful words, and you would be extremely sensitive to this. But you are an extremely unique and, in many cases, controversial person. You’re not the type who will put up with anger and arguments or relationships where there is constant fighting. It is advised that you confront your tendency to speak without applying critical thought. Avoid rushing to conclusions.

You have the power to master this role which is a feature of your square aspect in astrology. Keep in mind that you will continually be presented with challenges by other people in order for you to gain the knowledge and experience to communicate effectively and to rationalize your thoughts. It is a necessary part of your development and evolution.

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