What do Mercury, Mean Girls, and Wednesdays all have in common?

On December 1st Mercury rolls into Sag. territory, where it will remain for the next 20 days until it slides into Capricorn’s DMs… I mean sign. 

And to be honest, this astrological line-up has us channeling some serious Mean Girls vibes – specifically in the way we’ll be communicating with each other. While this alignment will have you on an all time high (your optimism will be through the roof), you need to be careful your confidence doesn’t get mistaken for cockiness, arrogance or just down-right meanness!

Mercury was traditionally thought of as the “messenger of the Gods” in ancient mythology. And in more recent times, it’s the ruler of the 3rd astrological house, which rules communication, transportation, and the local community…

Mercury also rules over Wednesdays. And in case you didn’t know…


With the ruler of communication hanging out in the extroverted, optimistic, and strong-willed sign of Sagittarius… things will be said… and no, they won’t be thought through thoroughly before they are said. 

Sagittarius is, to put it bluntly (pun intended), the bluntest and most cut-to-the-chase sign of the zodiac. They tell it like it is, and they don’t think twice about sugar-coating anything. Basically, they don’t give a damn… #nofilter is their life’s motto. 

Mercury in Sagittarius is going to have us ALL acting like Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Word vomit will be spewed. If you’re not familiar with the movie Mean Girls (you’re lying), then let me give you a quick definition of “word vomit”:

Word Vomit (n.) means to say EXACTLY what you’re thinking – you know those dirty, snide, or snarky thoughts that you normally wouldn’t dare to say out loud.

For example, your Mother-in-Law makes yet another comment on how your cooking isn’t quite as good as she could do… and what you usually say is something like, “Great, thanks for the advice Susan, I’ll keep it in mind next time”… But we all know what you’re actually thinking is, “F off Susan”.

Well, word vomit would be when you actually say “F off Susan” instead of just thinking it. Whoops.


And honestly who knows how this will manifest in your life. Under Sagittarius’ influence, you’re likely to be feeling very outgoing and adventurous – so you’ll probably be socializing more than normal (social-distancing socializing, of course). 

Maybe you’ll finally let people know how you feel about their questionable Zoom call apparel… 


Maybe you’ll stop putting up with that one co-worker who refuses to wear his mask…


Or maybe you’ll finally stop being so nice to that one dude who “jokingly” makes passes at you in your DMs…


But one thing is for sure, you’ll say what’s on your mind and you won’t hold back. Which honestly, might be exactly the energy shift we all need right now. Think about it, we’ve been dealing with A LOT of pent up stress, anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety ever since lockdown started (9 FREAKING MONTHS AGO).

From dealing with the stress of unemployment to the anxiety and fear around getting sick, to the anger and frustration of canceled plans, isolation, and *cough* political events *cough*

We deserve to get some of that B.S. off our chest, and this is our opportunity to do just that. But before you get too excited and start planning out exactly how you’re going to tell off all those people you hate…


Remember that this is NOT a free pass to be an evil witch. Human decency and kindness should always be the root of everything we do (especially during these unprecedented times). 

However… this IS the perfect time to start standing up for yourself, speak your truth, and set proper boundaries. Remember your worth and don’t let anyone treat you as anything less than the powerful Kings and Queens you are.

But whatever you do, just don’t be a Karen…



Comment below and tell us EXACTLY what’s on your mind today! #nofilter