Light-winged messenger Mercury is the planet that swings closest to the Sun, speeding through a single sign of the Zodiac in around 3-4 weeks.

In the art of Astrology, this small spinning celestial ball activates our communication styles. It affects how we connect with others whilst also influencing how we think, travel, move and process information… not much then!

But what’s worth knowing, is that in addition to the position of this planet in your natal astrology chart, Mercury has a daily influence on our collective horoscope, determined on its current Zodiac sign, plus any major aspects it makes and of course…. whether it’s currently moving direct, or in retrograde motion (the horror!)

When Mercury spins through Scorpio, the deep and mystic fixed water sign of the Zodiac mandala, what does it mean for the collective?

Under this sky, communications feel strong, motivated and strategic. Getting to the heart of the matter is a must so with Scorpio in the mix, expect conversations to quickly find their way into the deepest corners of the mind… under this astrology, you could discover yourself spilling secrets to a stranger you’ve only just met, such is the power of this planetary placement…

It’s almost as though small talk becomes a taboo.

Your connections with other people will need to feel authentic and truthful. Anything less from either of you could create serious issues – this astrological transit won’t let sleeping dogs lie. Especially because the Scorpio energy signature (like other water signs Cancer and Pisces) is one of those that can activate your inner mystic – Mercury in Scorpio is very good at reading between the lines and detecting where untruths are being peddled. You could also end up empathically picking up on what others are thinking and feeling, so be sure to strengthen those energetic boundaries over the next week or two.

Time To Get What You Want

Whilst offering up an emotionally charged energy signature, this Mercury sign is nothing less than highly controlled. If you want someone or something, this is the time to get it. With Scorpio ending such a dedicated approach to pretty much everything (not unlike other fixed signs Taurus and Aquarius) life could start to feel a little …. Manipulative? Sure, you could think you’re just being extra strategic, but be careful you’re not contriving with people to a fault. Nobody likes being used.

But if, on the other hand, you’re doing any public speaking (expect your powers of self-expression to get a boost), or in the audience listening to a motivational speaker on stage, then expect this transit to bring out the very best in impassioned and powerful communication…. when something is said under this sky, there’s a world of intent behind it.

See The Bigger Picture

It’s important to know that knowing how a planetary alignment will influence the collective is just part of the equation. Knowing how your personal astrology chart combines with that alignment will reveal much more detail about the unique challenges and triumphs coming your way during this time. To help you on your way and show you what the next 30 days hold for you, you can get your FREE Personalized Astrology Reading below.


Delving into the esoteric arts could be a good way to play whilst Mercury is in the sign of the Scorpion. Not known for having an especially good grasp of the bigger picture, plus with intuition on high and that sixth sense sharp, why not have fun with how far you can dive between the veils, to find out what you need to know?

Mercury Retrograde’s Influence

Three to four times a year Mercury moves retrograde through the skies, unleashing an (often unjust!) fear across the conscious and astrologically-minded community. Is Mercury retrograde right now? Luckily all Mercury’s Retrogrades are over for 2020, but these are the dates to watch out for in 2021:

  • January 30th – February 19th
  • May 31st – June 21st
  • September 28th – October 16th

For the inside scoop on Mercury retrograde, head here….

And for a playlist to ease you through the strife, head here…!

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