When Mars trines Neptune today, it will bring May to a close with highly creative and inspirational vibes. It’s not really a high-energy transit but your desire and motivation to express yourself will be at a high. If you feel the urge to dance paint or do something else creative then that you should definitely go with the flow.

Mars Trine Neptune Transit

During a Mars trine Neptune, creativity and spirituality come to the fore. When you tap into your creativity and your creative side, be sure to also allow wisdom from spiritual realms to wash over you as this may be what affects and influences what you create.

Whether you are single or coupled up, this transit is also good for romance. Your sexual encounters with your partner will be more spiritually aligned. And you’ll feel a tenderness and connection that may have been missing for a little time. If you’re single, you may find yourself in the company of someone more spiritually inclined and open to a more deep level connection.

While Mars can usually incite some aggression, this transit keeps him cool, as a more spiritual side allows him to feel more compassion and empathy. That said, you will defend yourself and others when you need to. But unlike Mars’s usual fiery outbursts or aggressive retaliations, you will find a more calm way of winning the battle during this transit; namely killing ’em with kindness.

Mars Trine Neptune Natal

If you have a Mars trine Neptune in your natal chart, you are highly creative, sensual, charismatic and passionate about fighting for what you believing. You are able to influence others and get them to see your point of you without being pushy or manipulative.

Your nonthreatening energy and connection to your spiritual courage mean that you have a strong ability to attract others in a romantic and platonic way.

Your desire to fight for worthy causes makes you want to look into political and social activism. Charity work and serving others is where you will thrive the most, as you have a tendency to fight for the underdog.

Your strong urge to fight for what’s right doesn’t actually mean that physical aggression would be favourable to you. Although you won’t back down you would never resort to physical fighting. You know that you can win With your kindness your spiritual and your psychic abilities.