[Love Is In The Stars: Part 1] Dispelling The Myth of The Sun Sign

By February 9, 2014Astrology

Are You Looking For Love In ALL The Wrong Places?

Here’s What Your Moon & Rising Signs Can Tell You About Your IDEAL Partnership

When it comes to love and astrology, many of us may be undermining ourselves with outdated (and, uh, wrong) ideas about how to find “the one”…

From sleazy pick-up lines like “hey baby, what’s your sign?” to newspaper horoscopes that give us lame stereotypes, it’s easy to believe astrology for love is a bunch of hooey. But stay with me here friends, because I’m about to dispel a major myth about love, relationships and astrology

“I’m single and just can’t seem to find Mr/Ms Right”

sunset girlIn response to the overwhelming majority of you who answered our Love Poll last week with: “I’m single and just can’t seem to find Mr/Mrs Right,” I’m releasing a brand new “Love Is In The Stars” blog series that will reveal exactly how you can attract love using astrology. BUT, make no mistake dear Numerologist friends! Even if you are in a great relationship right now, you can use the tips and insights I’ll be sharing over the next 3 days to enhance your love life. So whether you want to find your soulmate, add more spice to your current love, or simply figure out if your partner is the right one for you, lets look to the stars, shall we?

Oh! I’ve also got someone very special I want to introduce you to, so please read on!

“Hey Baby… What’s Your Sign?”

Can’t you just imagine some slick-haired guy from a bad ‘70s movie, spewing this worn-out line? LOL! The reason I bring it up though, is because, as cheesy as that line is, far too many people fall prey to a misunderstanding of their Sun sign. When it comes to love, your Sun sign is not the most important sign to look at… not at all!

In fact, when I do love and relationship readings for people, I focus on the following signs (and how the influence one another):

• Moon
• Rising
• Lunar Nodes
• Saturn

Only after these do I look at their Sun sign, Venus, and the rest of the stellar cast.

When it Comes to Love, Easy Doesn’t Make it Right!

The reason most of us incorrectly believe our Sun sign can tell us who to hook up with (besides those bad pick-up lines!), is because the Sun sign is the easiest to figure out.

Think about it: No matter when or where or what time you were born, you can always figure out your Sun sign based on the date of your birth. Everyone knows whether they are a leo, capricorn, cancer, pisces… you get the idea. It’s simple.

Yes, simple, but not very insightful. Since 1/12th of the people born every year (give or take), will share your Sun sign, prognosticating anything about who you are, who your lover should be, or much of anything else (outside the context of your greater astrological profile), is very limited indeed. But don’t fret, there are some key elements that give you far greater insight into your love life, desires and tendencies.

Let’s have a look at the first two of these forgotten “love signs”: Moon and Rising…

The Moon’s Influence On Your Love Life

Full blue moon over water with reflectionsThe reason why the Moon is a better indicator of your relationship ideals (and pitfalls!) than the Sun, is because the Moon changes both signs and houses far quicker than the Sun.

And just like it’s quickly changing signs, the Moon is also deeply connected with your ever-changing, human moods. Your Moon, as it is expressed by sign and house placement in your birth chart, reveals your inner comfort zone. It shows you where and how you feel emotionally “safe” in the world. The moon shows how you respond unconsciously in emotional situations, as well as how you intuitively “read” people.

These are all good things to a point. But responding to life (and love relationships!) through the moon energies is not necessarily your best growth path for your life. This is why relationships with strong moon connections can turn sour and stagnant without a lot of attention and IN-tention.

So if you want to find the right relationship, be sure to avoid those with whom you have a heavy Moon connection.

Love Is In The Air

coupleDid you ever notice how, when you first meet someone and the sparks are flying, it feels like a fresh spring day. Like you can take on the world… Like love is literally “in the air” and everything is new again? You can make love for hours, and no problem seems insurmountable.

This is the essential quality of energy on the rise. In astrology, nothing represents this “on the rise” quality like your Rising sign. Your Rising sign is the the sign that was literally rising in the East at your particular birth location, at the very moment of your birth.

Your Rising sign tells you what you want to grow into. It tells you what your soul wants to develop in this life. That’s why your Rising sign, along with any planets it’s connected with, are all indicators of the kinds of relationships and experiences that will best serve your growth.

So if you want a relationship that stays fresh, vital and sexy over the long haul, you want to have a strong Rising Sign connection with your lover.

A Good Astrologer Is A Priceless Gem!

A good Astrologer is priceless. This is because when it comes to love advice, (or anything else, for that matter!) a good astrologer can interpret your entire chart – and ALL your signs.

That’s why it thrills me to introduce you to someone very special! My good friend and Master Astrologer, Carol Allen is a Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach of many years. In fact, Carol is renowned for helping people find their ideal mate – and avoid the wrong ones!

Carol has put together a very special report for those seeking Mr. or Ms. Right, and she’s made available to our Numerologist Community – and it is AWESOME!

Whether you are ready to find “the one,” figure out if he or she is “the one,” or simply want to add more fun, connection and trust back in your relationship, I know you’re going to love this!

→ Click here to check out this exclusive astrology report from Carol ←

Many Blessings,

About Dawn DelVecchio

Born on April 24th, 1965, Dawn DelVecchio is a 4-4-9 (Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge). This combination lends itself to a life of Spiritual Purpose, achieved through solid skills and a reliable character. Dawn has studied many healing and wisdom systems over the course of nearly 30 years, including Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Reiki, Herbalism, Sacred Ceremony, and some Numerology… she's excited and honored to help anyone seeking deeper wisdom, greater insight and a happier, more self-aware life!

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