On August 8th, the New Moon will rise in Leo, igniting a passionate Lion’s roar and sending ripples across the planet…


On August 18:

  • 06:49 in Los Angeles
  • 09:49 in New York City
  • 13:49 in London
  • 14:49 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 15:49 in Moscow
  • 22:49 in Tokyo
  • 23:49 in Sydney


This lunation makes a grand entrance, as Leos always do, and inspires you to embrace a courageous new way of being.

Fixed signs bring presence.



But don’t be fooled, Leo isn’t here to keep you in your comfort zone. Oh no! The only sure thing here is that the most fierce sign of the zodiac will shake things up. Especially if you’re not being true to yourself.

While you might think you know who you are, Leo isn’t interested in entertaining fake beliefs you may hold about yourself. He’s here to shine his spotlight on you and unearth that inner roar buried deep within.

Are you ready?

New moons represent fresh beginnings. So, this is a time to try something new. When Leo is up in the sky it is time to unleash your creative prowess, talents and harness your star power. Be at the center stage under the sunlight or the moonlight. The fulfillment of your ideas is already within your radar. It may already be in motion. There’s plenty of chances for you to manifest your plans and ideas under the New Moon in Leo.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. Under this sign, there is a burning desire to create.  Leo has so much creative power because it is childlike. It believes in itself and is not hindered by overthinking or inhibition.

Leos make natural storytellers and thespians. Their spirit is generous, and their enthusiasm is unquenchable. When Leo is in the sky, we can all be proud and celebrate its glory.

We can wish upon the star of Leo that our dreams manifest and gain fruition over the next months.

What will you wish for?


The New Moon in Leo is a time to become aware of our creativity, energy and vitality. This New Moon in Leo makes you feel confident with the praise and admiration you are getting from others. However, when you are inadvertently put under the spotlight, you may balk and fold! The prospect of criticism may rattle you and make you fearful.

Keep your head up because feedback means improvement!

The New Moon in Leo gives us an auspicious time to do things that will express the positive energies of the sign:

  • Start a new romance
  • Take risks
  • Literally have a ball and play recreational sports
  • Bask under the sparkling presence of Leo New moon and ride the summit of its powers!

Moon Mantra

Use the following Leo New Moon mantra to help you align with the collective energy of the Universe and amplify your manifestational prowess!

“The glowing Sun radiates within me. My heart receives its golden energy. I express my love, willpower, and strength with the higher wisdom of the Universe. I exude the sparkling rays of the Sun. My passion, creativity and skills, find full expression.”

3 Reasons This Leo New Moon Will Make You Rethink Everything You Knew About Yourself!

1. This New Moon Awakens A BIG Fireball of Love

Ruled by the Sun, Leo brings an energy that’s hot, radiant and passionate.

The Sun is our fuel, it’s the life-giving force that everything in our solar system depends upon. The planets orbit around it, like moths to a flame.

It’s a fireball.

The New Moon in Leo is an invitation to step into the ooey-gooey molten center of that fireball. To open up to the heat, to see what it’s like to live (and love) from that place of such intensity…

To manifest with a burning intensity you haven’t felt in years.

So what does loving through Leo look like?

Firstly, self-love is where its at. Leo knows that you cannot pour from an empty cup. To be a beacon of love – to offer it, truly, to the world – you must first nourish it within yourself. So set intentions for self-loving behavior. New Moons are the perfect time to do this. Promise yourself you’ll honor your needs, your body, your own heart. Under the gaze of this new Moon, these kinds of loving intentions will gain real buoyancy.

Secondly, Leo is a sign that believes in connection, in softness, in heart-felt tolerance and understanding. When you begin to perceive everybody as an equal, as a companion, as an ally in your life, there is a sense of ease that washes over you.

No need to compete.

No need to win.

No need to be better than, or more than.

Some people mistake Leo’s center-of-attention tendencies for grandiose self-centredness. But it’s not that… Leo simply knows how to BE the example. And under this New Moon, we’re all being asked whether we’re willing to be the example too.

Are you living in integrity?

Are you living fairly and honestly?

Are you willing to stand up and be counted for what you believe in?

Maybe it’s time.

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2. This New Moon Unleashes The Creative Side You Never Knew You Had!

The guiding light of this New Moon is creativity.

This means true self-expression, not as a way to entertain, but as a way to embody the primal manifestation force of the Universe. (This is the real reason we all find Leos so darn mesmerizing to watch!).

Creativity isn’t only about pens and paint. Sure, this is a direct line for some people, but you don’t have to be an artist to flex your creative muscles. It takes bravery to loosen the shackles, that the human-made world places around our ankles, but this lunation will bust them open! Leo brings in the creative solutions to do so… and the courage to put them to work…

This Leo Moon places unlimited creation power in your hands. It is about creating your dream life with every breath you take, whatever you happen to be doing. What will you create with your newfound power?

3. The Lionsgate Portal is OPEN!

Every year on August 8th, the Lionsgate portal opens. And this year, with the New Moon occurring whilst this portal of immense transformation is open, a whole new dynamic is brought to this already epic lunar moment.

Lionsgate portal is always an extremely powerful time of the year given the aspects of the heavenly bodies at play, as well as its highly-charged numerology of 8/8.

In numerology, the eighth day of the eighth month is a highly spiritual period. The number 8 represents the infinite soul that we are and the infinite journey that we take. It’s also the number associated with abundance, power, and higher realms of consciousness, making 8/8 an energetically potent day of manifesting abundance and infinite possibilities.

What intentions will you give voice to? What words will you weave into being?

For the New Earth to grow up around us, it needs your conscious participation, not a silent audience sitting on the sidelines!

Leo asks for your input. Your unique expression. Your voice. Your passion! It’s time to ask yourself: What is YOUR meaningful contribution? Who will you become?

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