Sagittarius, your time has come.

Jupiter is finally moving on from the deep waters of Scorpio, where that great giant has been slowly shifting sands for 13 long months. It’s easy to see just how Jupiter in Scorpio amped up, intensified and revealed – in typical transformational fashion – the darkness rippling just below the surface. The Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood that kicked off the #MeToo movement back in Nov 2017, began during the very days of Jupiter’s shift out of Libra. And since then, the revelations have just kept rolling, as secrets have unfurled, taboos have been broken and the glitter and glamour of life as we know it has been stripped bare by the murky depths of this fearsome planetary transit.

But times are a-changing star-seekers! Those deep dives are over (pheeewww!) and as Jupiter transits into its ruling sign this week, life is about to expand!

When does Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius?

Jupiter transits into Sagittarius (exiting Scorpio) on November 9th, 2018

Jupiter transits into Capricorn (exiting Sagittarius) on December 2nd, 2019

So What’s the Deal With Jupiter?

Jupiter is the king of the Gods, and in Astrology, the zodiac’s planet of luck and positivity, opportunities, travel, learning, and expansion.  It’s the significator of wisdom, knowledge and higher learning, so it’s no surprise that it’s personal pioneers – Sagittarians – are life’s explorers. These light-footed folk thrive when pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. Not only because where this planet’s involved, the world gets bigger, more inviting and more full of opportunities, but because it always ensures that good things come to pass.

The recent Jupiter transit through Scorpio meant life got mighty uncomfortable for a while and pretty heated at times. But it was all necessary, right?

Through Sagittarius, however, a Jupiter transit brings fortune and favor of a very different flavor…

Your luck, my friend, is about to change.

Whether or not you have any personal planets in this mutable fire sign, this is a transit that will affect you.  A year of wild opportunity is just beginning, and the good luck and beneficence of this planet promise to shower down over the collective, like rain. Jupiter works to a grand scale – there’s no other way it knows how! So buckle up. You’re about to live the next 13 months like only the most wide-eyed Sagittarian usually can, and learn first hand that life really is an adventure!

How Does Sagittarius See the World?

The Sagittarius zodiac sign lives for freedom: Freedom of mind, body and Spirit.

Symbolized by the centaur, this is one of the three duel signs (the others being Gemini – the twins – and Pisces – the fish). Half man, half horse, Sagittarius lives an in-between existence – adapting, flexing and bridging change. This zodiac sign is always on the way somewhere. It’s always pushing for what’s next, eyeing up new things, new potentials, and willing and eager to adjust, remodel, reshape into something new.

But not only new.

The change this fire sign seeks is enhancement, renovation and revelation – not just change for change’s sake. The archer always has his arrow aimed high and is always thinking 3 steps ahead of his prey.

This ninth sign is in a race to win.

How to Live Like a Sagittarian (Best Bits Only!)

This epic Jupiter transit means that we all get to channel the Archer’s prowess for the next 13 months. The Jupiter in you – your positive outlook, your yearning for knowledge and self-improvement, and your highest, most enterprising sense of your own potential – is being flavored by the sign of the Centaur.

So what does this mean? And what are some of the ways you can actually infuse life with Sagittarian sensibilities, and live life on Jupiter’s rise?

  • Instead of looking inward (bye bye Scorpio!) look outward. Use this transit to look further than the perimeters of your own comfort zone, gaze at the horizon of your life and push your perspective further still.
  • Seek out opportunities. Not just for more of the same kind of things you’ve grown used to doing, but for completely new and exciting endeavors!
  • Break routine. This mutable sign (just like others Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) is at ease with change. So use this transit to live more freely and let the unexpected slip into life.
  • Talk, share, cross-pollinate ideas with experts in the field that you’re interested in. This could be molecular physics or it could be parenting and gluten-free cake making… Sagittarius is all about mastery, whatever it is you do.
  • Travel. Overseas or over the road, it doesn’t matter. So long as it’s new.
  • Go on a vision quest. Sagittarius seeks self-improvement, so why not go for broke and reach new spiritual heights?
  • Believe in yourself. Self-confidence is synonymous with the giant planet so simply exist in a pool of it. This Jupiter transit makes you limitlessly capable.
  • Have a good time. Intentionally. This transit promises to offer a great sense of FUN! So have some!

If the idea of breaking boundaries and stepping out of your comfort zone fills you with dread, don’t despair! You may not need to put that much effort in – remember, Jupiter expands everything it touches, so it’s likely that your own inner Sagittarian Spirit will shake itself loose, regardless of what you do about it!  The most important thing is to be lifted by the upsurge, and all that requires is Sagittarius’ favorite word – “YES!”

Your turn. How are you feeling about Jupiter’s shift into the firey sign of the Centaur? And if this is your sign of the zodiac, share with us your plans for this awesome journey of your ruler into its home turf!

About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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